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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 618 – Nov 12 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 618 – Nov 12 2022

Clues Answers
André __, French author of one of the essays in The God that Failed GIDE
Centre of learning on Exhibition Road, London, SW7 SCIENCEMUSEUM
Coach who led England to victory in the Women’s Euro 2022 SARINAWIEGMAN
Driving manoeuvre perfected by the current government? UTURN
Ella __, scorer of the first goal in the Women’s Euro 2022 final TOONE
Ethnic group native to Nigeria IGBO
Henry __, Edward Hyde’s better half? JEKYLL
Irish county MAYO
Leah __, England football captain WILLIAMSON
Music and dance form from southern Spain FLAMENCO
Clues Answers
National nature reserve in Cornwall GOSSMOOR
River that rises in Ethiopia’s Lake Tana BLUENILE
Russian paramilitary group active in Syria and Ukraine WAGNER
Scorer of the winning goal in the 2022 Women’s Euros CHLOE
See 13 Down KELLY
Term used when prize money that isn’t won or claimed is available for another round ROLLOVER
__ Ferrante, author of the Neapolitan novels ELENA
__ Jong, author of Fear of Flying ERICA
__ Journeys – undertaken by Prunella Scales and Timothy West for C4 GREATCANAL
__ of Wales, Norwegian queen 1905-1938 MAUD


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