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The Independent Answers November 25, 2023


Just suggest following son SIMPLY
Perhaps Ferguson drinks shot, ending in fury and outrage APOPLEXY
Starts to evaluate over seventy individual nutrients in container of fluorescein derivative EOSINIC
Salesman isn’t showing coat again REPAINT
Sentimental short online comment TWEE
Chop off head of baronet, cut grotesquely OBTRUNCATE
Goodbye from heads of Christian Union on the phone SEEYOU
A bad time to tickle guitarist in stomach? MIDRIFF
Cut hazard in punt BRISKET
Centrepieces of Minoan bounty really nominal NOUNAL
Unknown male confused hod carrier RICHARDROE
Livelihood cut in vineyards CRUS
I strove to develop Italian city TREVISO
Anonymous male moved west in hostility for convenience AMENITY
Drunk, I complain constantly about Tory leader’s party LITIGANT
Innocent man stops wanting enumeration INGENU


Fairly delightful foreign language film replaces director SWEETISH
Armed soldier, one who thinks about ketamine and ecstasy MUSKETEER
Associate left with writing material LINK
Description of sweet wine I found in grass PORTRAIT
Father under oath, at first, to transform Greek Prime Minister PAPANDREOU
American cuddles Heather ERICA
Business losing capital after year creates talk YATTER
Controversial workers beginning to share taxis SCABS
Apple seller running employment scheme JOBSHARING
Try to obtain money from romp with doctor (one’s in A&E) FUNDRAISE
Nationalist with peculiarity abruptly retracted sentence SENDDOWN
Reaction to expulsion of boy playing around minor university BLESSYOU
Savage routine in revolutionary laboratory BRUTAL
Good mark on exam MORAL
King is in Paris to get insignia CREST
Vacuous apprentice working for a very long time AEON


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