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The Independent Crossword Answers November 08, 2022


Welsh team, lacking heart perhaps but exciting GLAM
Sway from side to side and power into Olympic kayak finals ROCK
Knife wound’s opening that is located after unpleasant smell BOWIE
Scope trained at this place where life can be observed ECOSPHERE
Current went through transformer coil TWINE
Polish cop arrests free running enthusiast finally PERFECT
Featured artist making a great sound going around Greece occasionally LOUREED
Waste product found in your earwax UREA
Slap pretend character MAKEUP
One who succeeds on radio broadcast AIR
Period of global revolution? DAY
Isn’t it contracted commonly to embrace universal language? INNUIT
Check baseball team over STEM
Student tucking into good French wine knocked back more white BLONDER
You landed here in Orly? Wicked VICIOUS
Cotton fabric in sexy detective’s clothing DHOTI
As well I did know the anarchic live dangerously WALKONTHE
Healthy menu features fragrant ingredient THYME
Depend upon Independent regularly failing to publish all of the news NEED
Dinosaur drops by for 1000m walk TREK


Spending power of senior American coach, heartlessly penny-pinching GREYPOUND
Love a second? You heard right! AMOUR
Practise too much in open water OVERTRAIN
Royal mistress supporting King produces ring KNELL
Back hunch over shilling and old pounds BETHUMPS
Object after internet article about battered fish WHITEBAIT
Make alterations to tremendous trousers EMEND
That was close relative losing nerve on vacation PHEW
Study is gloomy and yet exotic ETYMOLOGY
Accountant’s price on the door perhaps? EXITVALUE
With no hesitation supermarket reordered tasty cut RUMPSTEAK
See 30 Across WALKONTHE
I’m surprised the Church raised a sound response ECHO
President detailed Tesla’s rear-end washer BIDET
Argue over a national fruit ROWAN
Fur could make cockney less cold OTTER


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