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NetWord Crossword Answers November 06, 2022

Author: by S.N.


Absorbent, as a sponge POROUS
Cuts expenses SKIMPS
Breathed noisily WHEEZED
Surfing the Web, say ONLINE
Entertain lavishly REGALE
Prepare to steal, as a sedan HOTWIRE
Austerely simple ASCETIC
Ignited LIT
Sis or bro SIB
Nice and easy NOHASSLE
__ and tired (fed up) SICK
Person from Phoenix ARIZONAN
Surpassed at a buffet OUTATE
Arnold’s barbarian CONAN
Surpass TOP
PETROL (“Lawrence of Arabia”) PETEROTOOLE
Lego competitor KNEX
Start of a toast HERES
Morning’s lawn covering DEW
Prima __ (star sopranos) DONNAS
Transports, on “Star Trek” BEAMSUP
Like fables with morals AESOPIC
TERMINAL (“Children of a Lesser God”) MARLEEMATLIN
Stops stalling ACTS
Tooth docs’ org. ADA
Followed orders OBEYED
“You can leave now” OKGO
Treasury Dept. agency IRS
Theatrical accessory PROP
Parcels (out) DOLES
Is sure of success HASITMADE
White wine of Italy SOAVE
Nights prior EVES
Word on every US coin GOD
Indian director Mira NAIR
Blitzen colleague DONDER
Relay race segment LEG
Gunky buildup CRUD
Brand of thin tablet IPADAIR
Inherent character NATURE
Faux __ (minor mistake) PAS
Slow tempo LENTO
Had a tab OWED
Round Table title SIR
Cherish greatly ADORE
__ strip (single-surface paper) MOBIUS
British noble ranks EARLDOMS
S&L dispensers ATMS
Thing to confine a little kid BABYGATE
Frame of cartoon art CEL
XXVI doubled LII
The entertainment industry SHOWBIZ
Bar activity KARAOKE
Mexican beer TECATE
When many start fifth grade AGETEN
Took strides STEPPED
Abounded TEEMED
Courtroom break RECESS


Fish related to the cod POLLACK
Fairway club ONEIRON
“Goosebumps” guy RLSTINE
OPEC commodity OIL
Same-note singing UNISON
Greet and seat SEEIN
__ Lanka SRI
Sharp, as vision KEEN
Dome-shaped ice house IGLOO
Latter-day hodgepodge MASHUP
How some skirts are made PLEATED
Having feeling SENSATE
Captain Ahab, or his ship WHALER
Vacuum cleaner part HOSE
List-ending abbr. ETC
Fleecy females EWES
Tubular pasta ZITI
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Level of an ocean liner DECK
Mavericks or Pistons NBATEAM
Oyster concoction STEW
Stubborn Seuss character ZAX
Designer Kamali NORMA
Green sauces PESTOS
Playwright Clifford ODETS
Throw out, so to speak TOSS
Yoko __ ONO
Marching down a street ONPARADE
Had a break between flights LAIDOVER
They’ve gotten away ESCAPERS
Pay attention to HEED
Acting mopey SULKING
Honey handlers BEES
Hair braid PIGTAIL
Meadow measure ACRE
Plane-building hobby MODELING
Better than average ABOVEPAR
Send into exile RELEGATE
Corrosive liquids LYES
Insignificant NOMINAL
Be of help to AID
Ping-__ PONG
Appointed time HOUR
Interject ADD
Has a spat ARGUES
Flue coating SOOT
Norwegian composer GRIEG
First Bond film foe DRNO
Novelist Caleb CARR
“Sesame Street” roommate ERNIE
Go back over, as one’s path RETRACE
Expected to arrive DUE
Inconvenience, informally PROB
British novelist with a damehood ASBYATT
Fashionable, from the French SOIGNEE
Unconventional ODD
Brand of gentle detergent WOOLITE
White-coated weasels ERMINES
Architect’s creations DESIGNS
Astounded AMAZED
Subtle distinction NUANCE
Claim to be true ALLEGE
Mirror fogger STEAM
Concrete support rod REBAR
Shows curiosity ASKS
The thing there THAT
Increasingly MORE
Barter arrangement SWAP
Foot-powered transport BIKE
Minimizing ending ETTE
Conk on the head BOP
Danson or Koppel of TV TED
Japanese computer chip maker NEC


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