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The Independent Crossword Answers November 07, 2022


Butler who wrote a book SAMUEL
Old king has heir, a buffoon in charge for a spell JOHNSON
Pub always admits old women? Not at all INNOWAY
Odd leg’s twitching – maybe an Alsatian’s pulling it DOGSLED
Daffy longed, I heard, for another duck GOLDENEYE
Clever technology reversed doctor’s feet IAMBS
Classical character as written showing 16’s talent MUSIC
Agree one should include ‘sea’, as said to editor ACCEDE
Colourful picture of English history learner absorbs PASTEL
Heading west in small unexplored ravine NULLA
Without a bit of towel, bather’s back drying out REHAB
Animals paired regularly in bible, work of Noah and sons AARDVARKS
Local employee saving master’s papers BARMAID
A coin is liquid capital NICOSIA
Joke I can’t remember’s a really good one CRACKER
Cancel railway from France after heading for Calais CRYOFF


E.g. George taken in by identical swindle SKINGAME
No 6D (as translated) in masterwork MONALISA
Film shown on Scot’s little box ETWEE
Daughter in jail beginning to expect justice JUDGE
Terrible endless night, 24D having nightmares HAGRIDDEN
SAUSAGE! The writer’s unfortunately upset SALAMI
Say, James going round in the buff? NUDIST
Given a suitable role, produce manuscript when entering court TYPECAST
Inky book fills fuel shortage COALBLACK
Surprisingly lean actor, not a great improviser COLTRANE
Novel flares, a result of combustion in the open air ALFRESCO
Fat comic character listening to deceitful servants FALSTAFF
Actor in the wings with ABC containing current language ARABIC
Actor great as 18 every year, his career peaks? SHERPA
No money for more bananas, one calculates ADDER
Rev motor giving six a lift VICAR


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