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The Independent Crossword Answers November 12, 2022


Metal container for my French energy drink? LEMONADE
Conference centre shunned by Herb PARLEY
He opposed the Reformation to a greater degree MORE
Code-breaker admittedly one talking wildly in British isle BRAVERMAN
Really good friend’s introduced Buckingham say PALACE
Distinct character, island god pens holy work IDENTITY
Material from Grobschnitt ultimately old hat TEXTILE
Sketch by artist showing struggle to survive RATRACE
Sacrifice one companion crossing second lake IMMOLATE
Being less than generous with the Stilton? CHEESE
Spoil lost princess’s appearance? DISFIGURE
Revolutionary payment method for strike-breaker SCAB
Final race, say, under arc lights for starters EVENTUAL


See walls in posh school explode DETONATE
Unknown individual in London band? ZONE
Margaret, Lady Holroyd, losing daughter in crowd RABBLE
Excellent beer served up in Crown & Sceptre? REGALIA
FM broadcast with time for transitory things EPHEMERA
Drink and drive to accommodate a tense playwright DRAMATURGE
An obsessed person after exercise finds protein source PEANUT
Writing from hammer-wielder carried in gold vessel AUTHORSHIP
Refuse to provide exits LEAVINGS
Note possible routes for traveller abandoned CASTAWAY
Exile concerned with stale atmosphere vacated enclosure REFUGEE
Potty at Balmoral perhaps causes rash MADCAP
Capable Conservative means to apply pressure CLEVER
Place is an eyesore reportedly SITE


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