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The Independent Crossword Answers November 15, 2022


Art gallery, say, without works ultimatelyTATE
Half-heartedly drug one in the House of Lords?NOBLE
Winding river with grand defence against storms?MACK
Dance teacher pirouettes after second piece from RavelMORRIS
Furrier jacket of nankeen that downhiller picks upSKINNER
They successfully market wine stores on the radioSELLERS
After taking top off for fellow, pour water on tongueFRENCH
Old officials concerning the First Lady and sonREEVES
Engineers heading to level on city uranium plantLAUREL
Some fellow is dominating accumulated knowledgeWISDOM
European competitors touring north London boroughENFIELD
Former PM’s perverted romanceCAMERON
Pedestrian speaker makes head go woozy primarilyWALKER
Hoskins had undersized member? That’s unfounded!IDLE
A couple of lines with earl by Northern Irish lakeALLEN
One might make hot tea with company over (pekoe essentially)COOK


Put up with being undressed for an audienceBEAR
Choppers blowing about hen and grassGNASHERS
Represent female charged with fib in convictionBELIEF
Sign old Hoskins will get caned essentiallyOMEN
Male cat getting between a son’s building blocks?ATOMS
Most lewd bishop with a group will pinch boss’s rearBASEST
Conservative opens my beer in a rounded vesselCORACLE
Flipping Dickens enjoyed existence to the maximumLIVED
Musical composition in film posh editor sent upETUDE
Proved beyond doubt niece with VD must get treatmentEVINCED
Communist victory after invasion of port on GulfLEFTWING
Veggie turned up around middle of Ronnie Barker’s houseKENNEL
Deadly light artillery piece cut down lancer at frontMORTAL
In two different ways, choke chap from Spain?DIEGO
Police force surrounding drug rendezvousMEET
Want a bit of cocaine snorted by bloke on occasionLACK


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