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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Master no longer wanting to be in charge? 9 letters OVERPOWER
I left in time moving smartly 5 letters AGILE
Husband getting wrong fish 7 letters HERRING
Bad-tempered member of comedy team finishing early before end of day 7 letters GROUCHY
Met perhaps by rear of these trees 5 letters COPSE
Large piece of infrastructure clean mostly constructed from the rear 9 letters HOOVERDAM
Now aiding any deaths at sea 15 letters INTHISDAYANDAGE
Respect shown by knight in honour is excellent 9 letters OBEISANCE
Holiday venue providing lots of entertainment after surprised response 5 letters CORFU
Sort that is stored in glasses 7 letters SPECIES
Bird: pointer given to 22A 7 letters SPARROW
Attractive but avoiding trap? Excellent 5 letters MAGIC
An insect’s fluttering without pause 9 letters INCESSANT
Second group of shops retaining small quantity of coffee say ultimate in espresso coffee 10 letters MOCHACCINO
Judicial decision curtailed by depression of the elderly? 8 letters DECREPIT
Animosity surrounds source of Russian icon 6 letters SPRITE
Small shake will do for window curtain 4 letters SWAG
Fellow in basic accommodation possibly mined gold in ancient city on borders of Thrace 10 letters TROGLODYTE
European leader giving European rejection about a European 8 letters NAPOLEON
Science presented in video is likely to stick 6 letters VISCID
Women collectively behave very heartlessly 4 letters BEVY
Noticed his bent towards pleasure 10 letters HEDONISTIC
Fitting to get informed about encounter 10 letters MEETUPWITH
Fools picked up taken to Court following popular response 8 letters INSTINCT
Uppity attitude adopted by a relative about running the farm 8 letters AGRARIAN
Go strangely green with envy ultimately 6 letters ENERGY
Rough vehicles heading east circling Ohio 6 letters COARSE
Sport over following result 4 letters SUMO
Feeling unwell? No time for criticism 4 letters SICK


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