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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

A German mug? Definitely not! 8 letters EINSTEIN
Daring fellow Republic caught 6 letters HEROIC
Land with recurrent wet season 6 letters WINTER
Prosperous container business 8 letters WELLTODO
Starts to have an interest researching old musical 4 letters HAIR
Minor celebrity in Gulf very hot 10 letters BLISTERING
Use announced for trees 4 letters YEWS
Cut back document for orals? 5 letters EXAMS
As of blundering clumsy people 4 letters OAFS
Extravagantly praising man lacking a motive 10 letters MAINSPRING
The side needs changing in a month – this group decides 4 letters JURY
After university paid inside I felt strangely happy 8 letters UPLIFTED
A group of spies hide a camera at first in a shrub 6 letters ACACIA
Prospects of play? 6 letters SCENES
Spooner’s sensible boring task for tool 8 letters CHAINSAW
Salt I whisked with ice to make compound 8 letters SILICATE
Love goddess in Scottish tartan 6 letters ISHTAR
Largely wet and fertile suitable for sporting? 8 letters WEARABLE
Bring up obsessive to understand 4 letters KNOW
Talk about the French ski lodge? 6 letters CHALET
Singer or instrumentalist initially loves getting to grips with this music 8 letters ORATORIO
North Dakota’s right about tree 6 letters LINDEN
Part of Antrim a rich source of ceramic 5 letters IMARI
Feeling excited – new couple moving in 8 letters SENTIENT
Surrender the right to indicate short method 8 letters SIGNAWAY
Silly fellow officer commanding sea crossing 8 letters FARCICAL
Facial expression as muscle tightens to begin with 6 letters ASPECT
In spring laid up fertiliser 6 letters POTASH
Two girls sharing an instrument 6 letters JOANNA
No this is ineffective: cut into small pieces 4 letters DICE


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