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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Become very interested in following a performer 9 letters TURN INTO
Marine creature misrepresented hen and dormice 10 letters ECHINODERM
Decline energy drinks at the outset 5 letters LAPSE
Promiscuous champion probing cryptic clues 9 letters LECHEROUS
Squander progress after one’s swallowed gin 8 letters BLUERUIN
Problem contributor to blog – time to be banned? 5 letters POSER
Liberal avoiding lack of communication about source of certain knowledge 7 letters SCIENCE
Conference’s last item for discussion provokes strong feeling 7 letters EMOTION
Quickly explain spill 7 letters RUNOVER
Dismisses heads securing entry to university 7 letters BOUNCES
Serious gloomy American disposing of millions 5 letters SOBER
Pressure point having ignored initial opening 8 letters PUNCTURE
Irish county farmer mostly exercised horse with Henry 9 letters FERMANAGH
Old French city still to be experienced? 5 letters ONICE
Silly sod going wild enthralled by officer’s shipping news 10 letters LLOYDSLIST
Everyone supporting leader of Tories? That’s not credible 4 letters TALL
Slop urine around leading to sense of disgust 9 letters REPULSION
Fashion overlooking nothing about Latin lifestyle 7 letters CULTURE
Anger: popular part of play has start delayed 7 letters INCENSE
Finished with stage event? It’s more than one can take 14 letters OVERPRODUCTION
French are monopolising fashion in boyswear 5 letters ETONS
I’m upset over some Olympic events – errors in programme? 9 letters MISPRINTS
Most of novel by French writer avoiding the sea heading off for imaginary territory 14 letters NEVERNEVERLAND
Small agitated flusters indicative of pressure 9 letters STRESSFUL
Becomes liable to Independent regarding attack 9 letters INCURSION
Painter artist bound to rise capturing origin of humanity 7 letters RAPHAEL
Batches in bread box mostly 7 letters BUNCHES
Poet on love and what follows death 5 letters BARDO

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