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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Butler who wrote a book 6 letters SAMUEL
Old king has heir a buffoon in charge for a spell 7 letters JOHNSON
Pub always admits old women? Not at all 7 letters INNOWAY
Odd leg’s twitching – maybe an Alsatian’s pulling it 7 letters DOGSLED
Daffy longed I heard for another duck 9 letters GOLDENEYE
Clever technology reversed doctor’s feet 5 letters IAMBS
Classical character as written showing 16’s talent 5 letters MUSIC
Agree one should include ‘sea’ as said to editor 6 letters ACCEDE
Colourful picture of English history learner absorbs 6 letters PASTEL
Heading west in small unexplored ravine 5 letters NULLA
Without a bit of towel bather’s back drying out 5 letters REHAB
Animals paired regularly in bible work of Noah and sons 9 letters AARDVARKS
Local employee saving master’s papers 7 letters BARMAID
A coin is liquid capital 7 letters NICOSIA
Joke I can’t remember’s a really good one 7 letters CRACKER
Cancel railway from France after heading for Calais 6 letters CRYOFF
E.g. George taken in by identical swindle 8 letters SKINGAME
No 6D (as translated) in masterwork 8 letters MONALISA
Film shown on Scot’s little box 5 letters ETWEE
Daughter in jail beginning to expect justice 5 letters JUDGE
Terrible endless night 24D having nightmares 9 letters HAGRIDDEN
SAUSAGE! The writer’s unfortunately upset 6 letters SALAMI
Say James going round in the buff? 6 letters NUDIST
Given a suitable role produce manuscript when entering court 8 letters TYPECAST
Inky book fills fuel shortage 9 letters COALBLACK
Surprisingly lean actor not a great improviser 8 letters COLTRANE
Novel flares a result of combustion in the open air 8 letters ALFRESCO
Fat comic character listening to deceitful servants 8 letters FALSTAFF
Actor in the wings with ABC containing current language 6 letters ARABIC
Actor great as 18 every year his career peaks? 6 letters SHERPA
No money for more bananas one calculates 5 letters ADDER
Rev motor giving six a lift 5 letters VICAR


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