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The Sun Crossword Answers November 07, 2022


Pair beat poser to succeed PROSPER
Fleet shows power in attack RAPID
Promise utter obscenities SWEAR
Havoc as large taxi reversed into river DEBACLE
Theoretical Kandinsky painting? ABSTRACT
Snakes and insects beheaded ASPS
Something tasty in City den ECLAIR
Support English prior BEFORE
Coin from Saracen treasure CENT
Too proud chopping tarragon ARROGANT
Mostly unrestricted speed in run OPERATE
Indian recipe author announced RAITA
Eatery some used in error DINER
Dicky tried to in Motown DETROIT
Moving quickly RAPID
Take an oath SWEAR
Catastrophe DEBACLE
Intangible ABSTRACT
Egyptian cobras ASPS
Cream-filled pastry ECLAIR
Earlier BEFORE
American money CENT
Self-important ARROGANT
Function OPERATE
Yoghurt dish RAITA
Restaurant patron DINER
Michigan city DETROIT


Servant traps fool in corridor PASSAGE
Signs from unstable meson OMENS
Drink brought to artist: it creates picture PORTRAIT
Socialist at United Church cut down REDUCE
Girl’s fortieth RUBY
Photo on a steamship: old painter PICASSO
Frock in Andre’s shop DRESS
Politician’s card to me garbled DEMOCRAT
Leading light left before British sailors LANTERN
Competitor in event ran twice ENTRANT
Intimate devil embraces Russians’ leader FRIEND
Cumulonimbus initially thunderous: what is it? CLOUD
Before noon I go to see chum AMIGO
Put together power ballad? PAIR
Portents OMENS
Painted likeness PORTRAIT
Decrease REDUCE
Red gemstone RUBY
Famed Spanish cubist PICASSO
Apply bandage DRESS
US party member DEMOCRAT
Portable lamp LANTERN
Participant ENTRANT
Close acquaintance FRIEND
Make unclear CLOUD
Spanish comrade AMIGO
Couple or duo PAIR


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