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The Sun Crossword Answers November 12, 2022


Surrounded by thousand in support AMID
A quiet family member, that’s evident APPARENT
It holds books account together INTACT
Oil supplier spreading a mess close to drive SESAME
Study French river in first course CONSOMME
Thread of a story? YARN
Theatre character in shape REPAIR
Spike: I could do with some sun IMPALE
Kitty after second little bit SPOT
Music for church service AIRFORCE
Gun woman in flotilla ARMADA
CIA men destroyed picture-house CINEMA
Street clubs and centres demolished CRESCENT
Kiss male when in celebration XMAS
Among AMID
Complete INTACT
Bun seed SESAME
Thin soup CONSOMME
Lengthy tale YARN
Make good REPAIR
Transfix IMPALE
Predicament SPOT
Military aviators AIRFORCE
Naval fleet ARMADA
Movie theatre CINEMA
Curved shape CRESCENT
Christmas XMAS


Fruit gives staff vitality MANGO
Cold marine animal loses tail in salt water DEADSEA
Works in Dumbarton ART
Advertisement about Spanish river’s bottom POSTERIOR
Ginger is out of practice RUSTY
Figure spread manure by lake NUMERAL
Preserve sheep climbing over boy in West MARMALADE
Caesar’s representative in Rome upset EMPEROR
Legendary bird in Arizona’s capital PHOENIX
Mouse-catchers coming up short in Sparta TRAPS
Mike in unconscious state: this gives pause COMMA
Siamese perhaps approximately on time CAT
Tropical tree MANGO
World’s lowest lake DEADSEA
Paintings, e.g. ART
Placed behind POSTERIOR
Corroded RUSTY
Citrus jam MARMALADE
Sovereign EMPEROR
Bird reborn in fire PHOENIX
Ensnares TRAPS
Punctuation mark COMMA
Feline CAT


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