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The Sun Crossword Answers November 21, 2022


Sausage smoked in Italian city BOLOGNA
Fanatical sailor free outside RABID
Answer Liberal member causing fear ALARM
Sit with me and go silly in self-love EGOTISM
Plant in a container like this ACANTHUS
Revered person’s one to do ICON
Old fool captures Eastern cat OCELOT
Inattentive seaman tangled nets ABSENT
Low point for satellite MOON
Her pilot scrambled from here? HELIPORT
Very friendly alien in copse THICKET
Affair brings a regret that’s curtailed AMOUR
Material in headline news LINEN
Little man died in period without work WEEKEND
Emilia-Romagna’s capital BOLOGNA
Frenzied RABID
Warning signal ALARM
Spiny plant ACANTHUS
Religious image ICON
Spotted wild feline OCELOT
Not present ABSENT
Earth orbiter MOON
Landing facility HELIPORT
Dense shrubbery THICKET
Secret relationship AMOUR
Fabric from flax LINEN
Saturday and Sunday WEEKEND


Swagger from upcoming lawyer with excellent case BRAVADO
Animal in a shopping centre turned up LLAMA
Common sense to impugn outrageously GUMPTION
Broadway? AVENUE
Batter and crumble that covers over ROOT
Cheese firm turning hard inside bread BRIOCHE
Claude Monet’s devil DEMON
Make Olga bite Dotty! OBLIGATE
Schoolboy son European kicks out ETONIAN
Time out: poor socialist given lesson TUTORED
Give most excellent response to pain? BESTOW
Copper say seen in gruesome tale METAL
Damaged layer: Australia has one OZONE
Flay initially sweet family SKIN
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Tree-lined street AVENUE
Origin ROOT
Light soft cake BRIOCHE
Privileged pupil ETONIAN
Instructed TUTORED
Confer (upon) BESTOW
Loud rock genre METAL
Atmospheric gas OZONE
Dermis SKIN

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