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The Sun Two Speed Crossword Answers November 15, 2022


Cool Conservative in tartan PLACID
Parents touring an isthmus? PANAMA
Vast region back in Australia is ablaze ASIA
Food fan one in charge NUTRIENT
Deceive and attract scorn CONTEMPT
This unfortunately smashes HITS
Republican law backed American creature WALRUS
Criticise attempt to find food store PANTRY
Clever as Biblical victim reportedly ABLE
Tyrant cut aorta savagely AUTOCRAT
Way trooper shows new face STRANGER
Levi corrupt and morally bad EVIL
Author, Indian dish, spoken for WRITER
Caution to protect sappers in maze WARREN
Even-tempered PLACID
Great canal PANAMA
Largest continent ASIA
Nourishing substance NUTRIENT
Disdain or disrespect CONTEMPT
Wallops HITS
Tusked mammal WALRUS
Competent ABLE
Domineering person AUTOCRAT
Wickedness EVIL
Novelist WRITER
Rabbit colony WARREN


Animal catcher in local association LASSO
Cooked the carp in sequence CHAPTER
Enid ripped metre in material DENIM
Where cars refuel containers fall over PITSTOP
Heard refusal in remark from nag NEIGH
Enormous creature in gym on steroids MONSTER
Judge cooking of rarebit ARBITER
Rock and roll? STAGGER
Uncle lost a right in this family NUCLEAR
Old lover, an officer, gives lift EXALT
Worth changing cast THROW
The same one in choppy lake ALIKE
Noosed rope LASSO
Book division CHAPTER
Cotton fabric DENIM
Break in journey PITSTOP
Whinny NEIGH
Frankenstein creation MONSTER
Walk unsteadily STAGGER
Praise highly EXALT
Analogous ALIKE


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