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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,146 – Nov 16 2022 Crossword Answers

The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,146 – Nov 16 2022 Crossword Solutions

5 amps put through container ship? Seek opinionCANVASS
Actor Gardner on pitch in movieAVATAR
Concede matchAGREE
Crack all right in aeroplane losing tailJOKE
Deep breath?SEABREEZE
Defendant keeping male cat as familiarACCUSTOMED
Desperate attempt to survive Skegness?LASTRESORT
Group in most natural surroundingsELEMENT
Help with navigation? Boats are wrecked crossing lake!ASTROLABE
Indiscreet embrace involving the FrenchCARELESS
Lady pop singer having good range?GAGA
Main article on redesigned trailerARTERIAL
Might this professional be called to account?AUDITOR
National ExpressSTATE
Nuts are able to expandELABORATE
One who sells very little scrap goldVENDOR
Orangeries falling into disrepair? Shake up needed!REORGANISE
Penniless pair keeping two ducksPOOR
Please! Write down scheme for avoiding partition!OPENPLAN
Propane volatile in theoryONPAPER
Republican rule upset American creatureWALRUS
Resolution in Hamlet for exampleSETTLEMENT
Scotsman in good time finds mammothGIANT
See great changes in economy travelSTEERAGE
Severe reprimand given in space vehicleROCKET
Stadium accommodating any number in regionARENA
Support second story having deleted oneSTEM
Sweet sauce, almost cold, with some hot bananasCHOCOLATEMOUSSE
Witness putting Murphy on spot for hearing?SPECTATOR

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