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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,148 – Nov 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
An upright member in charge is virtuous ANGELIC
Becoming unfocused and idling in 50% of government GLAZINGOVER
Chat with rest in Ritz regularly about complaint GASTRITIS
Cover sheltering mass inside of aula, as much as chamber holds ROOMFUL
Designed shapes fit for soft foodstuff FISHPASTE
Explosives on lid covering opening of first access tunnel MINESHAFT
Figure trapped by discontented gangster is ill-fated person GONER
Fluster receiving bill raised for headwear FLATCAP
Gaze exposed a meadow’s flowers AZALEAS
Jumpers and anoraks go tatty KANGAROOS
Long-winded poem about retired old boy VERBOSE
Lose apples diverted by European vendors SALESPEOPLE
Official protecting first-rate companies testifies again REAFFIRMS
Plant imbued with gold colour IVORY
Proportion of mud that’s fine for lake FIFTH
Relatives around Peruvian city drink by old mountain KILIMANJARO
Routes heading off from East Anglian waterways ROADS
Signs a record returning with mission incomplete PLAQUES
Small creatures not before seen climbing stone NEWTS
Something delusional like high turnover? PIEINTHESKY
Spend lots after place is overwhelmed by sudden increase SPLURGE
Sweet American characters either side of celebrity CANDY
Temperature within an office adjusted for warmth AFFECTION
The French bank with good interior generally LARGELY
To do urgently — masking smell ODOUR
Topical forum of different pug owners NEWSGROUP
Uncle travelling with fine guide INFLUENCE
We heard you advanced money for foreigners EUROS

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