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The Times Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Times Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

Loafer perhaps with small gardening tool 4 letters SHOE
Opening wooden instruments to cut plant 10 letters SASHWINDOW
Not crazy to collect silver — it’s very popular 10 letters ALLTHERAGE
Dye made from vanilla extract 4 letters ANIL
Cool spell I learned by phone 6 letters ICEAGE
Responsibility to deliver cut-price merchandise 8 letters DUTYFREE
Opposed to predatory insect shedding skin 4 letters ANTI
Epitaph for one expressing incredulity? It’s a humdinger! 10 letters RIPSNORTER
Terrible weather for every small hill in sum 10 letters SUPERSTORM
Bit one postman occasionally 4 letters IOTA
Certain letters with kind features 8 letters TYPEFACE
Business practice 6 letters CUSTOM
Refusal then agreement for recess 4 letters NOOK
Time that guy gets threatening without a bit of drink? 10 letters THIMBLEFUL
Called in to search movie’s last shooting location 10 letters RIFLERANGE
Revenue from wager not small 4 letters TAKE
Felt raunchy turning fifty! 11 letters HALFCENTURY
Taxi meter fiddled — penalties might follow this 9 letters EXTRATIME
Old kingdom right to imprison English female in fur? 7 letters SHEBEAR
Hold water rum and ice to accommodate old male entertainer 15 letters
Consume stuffing with chicken — it’s made from grain 7 letters WHEATEN
Took off identification when turning over money 5 letters DINAR
Writer passed by talking 5 letters WILDE
Reckon flute is playing modern dance music? 11 letters
Antwerp is awfully wet and windy 9 letters RAINSWEPT
Final part of Madmen shown first? Fall to pieces! 7 letters SHATTER
Ghastly creature pinching taxi 7 letters MACABRE
Singer’s tone 5 letters TENOR
Academic holding over preliminary text 5 letters PROOF


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