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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28444 November 10 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28444
Clues Answers
A northern city in Italy’s the state capital ANNAPOLIS
Article in your name an incredible story YARN
Artist leaving daily grind gives hint TRACE
Broadcast agreed for all to hear? ALOUD
Clytemnestra’s child chosen by hawk-headed god ELECTRA
Crash site potentially located in plains of Armenia SOFA
Damaged nose parts change position TRANSPOSE
Dealing with letters, exhausted without wife to hold arm EPISTOLARY
Does chimpanzee perhaps have the skills to bite? CANAPE
Dozen chairs, one removed, thrown around with playfulness SCHERZANDO
For sacred works put on holy robes in sober company AVESTA
Garden visitor meeting female displays muscle BEEF
Instrument softly accompanies regular parts in theatre HARP
Iron Duke consumes this regularly __ it’s foul FETID
Material in paper, along with unknown article ORGANZA
Narrow piece laid into long cloth PINSTRIPE
Old fashioned counsel given by good man in wood is doom PREDESTINE
Parties protecting short seaman forced to follow local conventions do as the romans do
Person with no future married in Greece GONER
Revolutionary determined to keep bishop in stronghold REDOUBT
Saturday’s Client __ that’s labyrinthine detective story A Study in Scarlet
Small tree pessimistic French writer’s climbing SUMAC
Some European or habitually negligent Scot? SLOVENIAN
Son is not with mother, left close to bordello in walled city saint-malo
Sound tip for virtuoso pianist LISZT
Tango with side-to-side movement? That’s nonsense TWADDLE
Three worked on my back __ one might be bowed, for example HETERONYM
Trouble dogs American behind attack ASSAIL
Way horse consumes good and bad meat dish STROGANOFF
Where footballers play and train GROUND


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