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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28453 November 21 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28453
Clues Answers
A French fellow outside university, one to ease irritation? UNGUENT
A police group is receiving huge complaint ACIDOSIS
Accountant in car somewhere on Dartmoor? AUDITOR
Agree a fixture MATCH
Baddy leading soldiers in military unit CADRE
Beasts: rule-breakers, we hear? CHEETAHS
Cruel, needing time to replace one that’s trustworthy VERACIOUS
Decoration in a part of play with mother taking the lead DAMASCENE
Diamonds __ really cool stuff ICE
Divers manoeuvring round place being looked at again REVISITED
Don’t, for instance, study adhesive friction CONTRACTION
Fever that’s non-specific having five going down AGUE
Food is one thing after another reportedly CEREAL
Football official reader found in the Mirror? REFLECTOR
Husband and I eat meat __ fantastic source of iron HAEMATITE
Long garment lacking a measure of thermal protection TOG
Loud street outside zone in distant territory far east
Maiden hiding in Exeter, out in a faraway place EXTREME
Meet Carol, disorganised person who keeps you waiting? LATECOMER
Minor war god made to look silly in an entertaining place drawing room
Miraculous place of old, sure to have changed LOURDES
Missile I had cast into river TRIDENT
Most unlike Henry VIII __ king, cross, bumping off queen RANGY
Object when odd journalist comes round DEMUR
Odd stone __ how far it might be thrown? STRANGE
Old coin, article blocking pipe? DUCAT
One investigating trendy male, a poet DICKINSON
Prophet raised an awful stink NAHUM
Some land bill: concerning! ACRE
Splendour of industrial plant about to be demolished FINERY
The man’s accompanying Welsh woman? That’s the stuff! HESSIAN
Training establishment with shaky foundation damaged __ start to search inside SANDHURST

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