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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Barrel in bar area shows domed structure 7 letters ROTUNDA
Love to be Popeye’s girl 5 letters OLIVE
Relative close to bridge in French city 5 letters NIECE
Not entirely frightful time in retreat 7 letters HIDEOUT
End sadly involved swallowing one’s pride? 9 letters DEADLYSIN
Good thing that comes to those who wait? 3 letters TIP
Understand an archaeological project? 3 letters DIG
Changeable type in unusually clean home 9 letters CHAMELEON
Vessel shooting across the waves? 7 letters GUNBOAT
100 at church finding hidden problem 5 letters CATCH
The Fleet Street crowd? 5 letters PRESS
Port should cover very dry dish 7 letters RISOTTO
School did art in Caribbean island 8 letters TRINIDAD
Goddess by that time in sober company? 6 letters ATHENA
Previously held in detention centre 4 letters ONCE
Hit hard — huge letdown 6 letters BATHOS
Tory thick to become thicker? 8 letters CONDENSE
Animal escaped in gorge 6 letters PIGOUT
Best British tea brewed 4 letters BEAT
The French receiving a pass in game 8 letters LACROSSE
Situated in Japan the Onsenji temple 8 letters PANTHEON
Male goose in butcher’s 6 letters GANDER
Sailor’s behind a small bird 6 letters ASTERN
Land in European country 6 letters ESTATE
Good copy — stare in wonder 4 letters GAPE
Amusing person for instance 4 letters CASE


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