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The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 344 November 13 2022 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Specialist – Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 344

Clues Answers
“And her yes, once said to you, / SHALL be Yes for ____” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Lady’s Yes) EVERMORE
“Before this campaign started, it was said that I was facing political oblivion, my career in ____” (Peter Mandelson, after his 2001 re-election as MP for Hartlepool) TATTERS
1943 film, Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite of those he directed Shadow Of A Doubt
1993 biographical drama film directed by Richard Attenborough SHADOWLANDS
A city and its outskirts, especially when measuring population urban area
A thankless wretch INGRATE
A version of this Errol Garner jazz standard was Johnny Mathis’s signature song MISTY
A yoga posture ASANA
Airline noted for stringent security procedures El Al
American singer/songwriter who is the daughter of Ravi Shankar Norah Jones
An earthquake detector SEISMOMETER
An insignificant matter small potatoes
Andean mountain, Earth’s highest outside Asia ACONCAGUA
Ben E King song and a 1985 film starring Wil Wheaton Stand by Me
Body of water between Iceland and Greenland Denmark Strait
British swimmer who won four medals at the 1978 Commonwealth Games Sharron Davies
Canadian model who said “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” Linda Evangelista
Cowes Week is an example of this sporting event REGATTA
Demon who slays seven husbands on their wedding nights in the Book of Tobit ASMODEUS
Director of the 1985 film Ran Akira Kurosawa
Facial decoration; a device to help in leading cattle nose ring
First book of Anne McCaffrey’s Harper Hall of Pern sci-fi trilogy dragonsong
Generic name, in use since the 18th century, for a British soldier Tommy Atkins
Clues Answers
Georges ____’s La Disparition, translated as A Void, is a novel with no e’s in it PEREC
German state of which Dresden is the capital SAXONY
Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince
Having two colours DICHROMATIC
In Greek myth, Rhea or Tethys but not Hyperion TITANESS
In sport, a play which makes scoring possible ASSIST
In this maybe illicit task, a tension wrench may be used picking a lock
Lancashire town in which the Pilkington glass company was founded St Helens
Milton’s companion piece to L’Allegro Il Penseroso
Musical instruction usually abbreviated to 8va all’ ottava
News-based TV series, which ran for 52 years before switching to BBC Radio 4 What the Papers Say
Old firearm which, appropriately, might have been a Colt horse pistol
Operating, as a factory for example on stream
Pablo ____ founded Colombia’s Medellin drug cartel ESCOBAR
Robin Williams played Peter Pan in this 1991 film HOOK
Scottish island known colloquially as Paddy’s milestone Ailsa Craig
Technical term for a bend or fold FLEXURE
The Hebridean “Hawaii of the North”, an island noted for surf and sun TIREE
To walk wearily TRAIPSE
TV series featuring an unseen boss voiced by John Forsythe Charlie’s Angels
Welsh artist whose works include a 1919 portrait of TE Lawrence Augustus John
____ Alfredo is a pasta dish created in Rome, but more popular in the US FETTUCCINE
____ was the first presenter of The X Factor Kate Thornton


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