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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Away from the wind ALEE
Bars on cars AXLES
Bloke GUY
Border EDGE
Citrus flavor LIME
Cookie bit CRUMB
Course needs GOLFBALLS
Crunch targets ABS
Dagger part BLADE
Darlings PETS
Designer Christian DIOR
Dramatist Jonson BEN
Fare carrier TAXI
Garden tool HOE
Got a goal SCORED
Gusted BLEW
Heaps ALOT
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Isn’t straight CURVES
Latest fad RAGE
Laundry problem STAIN
Lifeline site PALM
Like an abyss DEEP
Luau instrument UKE
Made a reservation for BOOKED
Make roads PAVE
Moist, in a way DEWY
Mythical piper PAN
On the beach ASHORE
One-liner, e.g JOKE
Opening GAP
Part to play ROLE
Plant part ROOT
Poet Pound EZRA
Pop’s daughter SIS
Pound sound ARF
Presents GIFTS
Presidential nickname ABE
Pressing URGENT
Quick cut TRIM
Relaxing places SPAS
Retired jet SST
Shoplifted STOLE
Silly folks GOOFBALLS
Soak up SOP
Surgeon’s garb SCRUBS
Tack on ADD
Tremors QUAKES
Utah national park ZION
Young kangaroo JOEY


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