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Universal Answers November 25, 2023

Author: by Adrian Johnson and Rafael Musa


Set of 74 in this puzzle CLUES
Earring shape HOOP
Cashbox TILL
Spirited celebration HAPPYDANCE
Berry sometimes written with two diacritics ACAI
Hangout for a long-distance couple ONLINEDATE
Catches some rays TANS
___ tai (cocktail) MAI
Coagulated dairy product CURD
Kigali’s country RWANDA
Parts of olives and peaches PITS
Tesla ___ COIL
Certain first responders, for short EMTS
When anyone can stand up and do stand-up OPENMICNIGHT
Quality of good scientific research RIGOR
Make changes to EDIT
Whiskey barrel material OAK
What each “Inside Out” character represents EMOTION
Japanese city with a namesake brewery SAPPORO
AOL rival MSN
YouTube journal VLOG
Broomball venues RINKS
“I asked for so little!” YOUHADONEJOB
Sing like Ella Fitzgerald SCAT
Zilch NADA
Keister BUTT
You, at this moment SOLVER
“___ you accept this rose?” WILL
Natural ‘do FRO
274,461 square miles, for Morocco AREA
“Thanks for a good time!” ITSBEENFUN
Mashhad’s country IRAN
Water toy that you can’t actually eat POOLNOODLE
Harp constellation LYRA
Actress and model Curtis ANNE
Doesn’t go STAYS


Hawaiian porch LANAI
Like some statues at night UPLIT
Prefix with “center” EPI
In ___ (coordinated) SYNC
Large ___ Collider HADRON
Quick way to stop ONADIME
Breast Cancer Awareness Mo. OCT
Social equal PEER
Japanese mat TATAMI
“Just leave me behind” ICANTGOON
“SNL” character inspired by “Jaws” LANDSHARK
Former WNBA star Leslie LISA
40-40, in tennis DEUCE
Became a paid player WENTPRO
Chimney buildup SOOT
Preserves covers? LIDS
Like Instagram accounts you can’t snoop on PRIVATE
Spy org. in “Argo” CIA
Bout enders, briefly TKOS
“Ratatouille” protagonist REMY
“That’s totally my bad!” IMSOSORRY
Escalate to an extreme GONUCLEAR
Like Jonathan, a tortoise born around 1832 OLD
“High” time NOON
___ Xtra (soft drink) PIBB
Savors, as a dog bone GNAWSON
Camila Cabello hit whose title is a Cuban city HAVANA
Safe to eat EDIBLE
Hoopster Rose of Michigan’s “Fab Five” JALEN
Minnesotan’s “Oh no!” UFFDA
In all sincerity TRULY
Chromatic nuances TONES
Take to the seas SAIL
Kelly of daytime TV RIPA
Fiery sorts, it’s said LEOS
Trucker’s unit TON
“This is ___ a drill!” NOT


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