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Universal Crossword Answers November 08, 2022

Author: by Daniel Bodily


They have 36 black keys PIANOS
Pepper’s partner SALT
“The Amazing Race” network CBS
Lead by the arm, say ESCORT
___ vera juice ALOE
Chop (off) LOP
Kind of sauce with a repetitive name TARTAR
Water quality org. EPA
Mister Rogers’ cozy garment SWEATER
Bottom-line profit NETGAIN
Drying cloth TOWEL
Word before “coat” or “car” SPORTS
Childbirth process LABOR
Prefix for “favor” DIS
Cereal box stat RDA
Friend in battle ALLY
Decision CHOICE
Doe or sow SHE
Dec. 2020 debut for Airbnb IPO
Honest course, or a hint to reading as well as interpreting each starred clue’s answer UPANDUP
Game dev’s alteration, or ’60s slang for “chic” MOD
___ Jones DOW
Muscle attached to the humerus, informally TRICEP
Cougar PUMA
Cage fighting inits. MMA
___ the day RUE
Cable or DSL device MODEM
Show to the door SEEOUT
Association rule BYLAW
Ticked away ELAPSED
Have humble pie EATCROW
What a coxswain doesn’t do ROW
Sine’s math class TRIG
Emotional shock TRAUMA
Hoppy drink: Abbr. IPA
Dot in the ocean ISLE
Lumberjack’s warning TIMBER
“Bossypants” author Tina FEY
Name within “Prunella” NELL
Use, as energy EXPEND


*Meet a challenge PETS
“No need to describe that” ISAW
Land measure ACRE
Plastic bag warning NOTATOY
Big talker? ORATOR
Scatter around STREW
*Fill the tank SAG
Moonwalker Shepard ALAN
Piercings’ places LOBES
Use for flash cards, study guides, etc. TESTPREP
Simile for opaqueness CLEARASMUD
Hasbro toy you can hit BOPIT
*Grabs immediately SPANS
Colorful trait for roughly 10% of Ireland’s population REDHAIR
Zeus or Thor GOD
Source of pride for the pride? LIONCUB
*Like an outdated internet connection LAID
Dog treat brand ALPO
“I’m waiting to be impressed!” BLOWMEAWAY
Judgmental glance SIDEEYE
EMT’s specialty CPR
Trophy shape CUP
Plate that’s hard to steal HOME
*Imaginary EDAM
Longhorns’ Lone Star State sch. UTAUSTIN
Louie is freed from one in “Unbroken” POWCAMP
Perform a floor routine? MOP
Array of numbers MATRIX
*Makes energized SERIF
Run off to wed ELOPE
To the point TERSE
Foamy coffee order LATTE
Pickle variety DILL
___ Goldberg machine RUBE
It’s a sign! OMEN
*Draft, as a contract WARD
*Slight advantage GEL


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