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Universal Crossword Answers November 12, 2022

Author: by Drew Schmenner


“Now I know my ___” (preschool lyric) ABCS
Wire fence features BARBS
Silent performer MIME
With 59-Across, city near Stanford PALO
It’s often set on Sunday night ALARM
Got an A+ on ACED
Dismissive send-off that’s from the movie “Friday” BYEFELICIA
Icky bread growth MOLD
Totally full SATED
Catchy music, slangily EARCANDY
Zero NIL
It’s often closed on Friday night BARTAB
Insightful WISE
Satchel BAG
Name found in “for Pete’s sake” TESSA
“___ the President’s Men” ALL
StarKist fish TUNA
Attach with a click SNAPON
Friendly advice? SHARINGISCARING
One of 1,093 for Thomas Edison PATENT
Twice-monthly tide type NEAP
Prefix with “gender” CIS
Move stealthily SNEAK
ID given to many a U.S. newborn SSN
“So cool!” NEAT
Counterpart of width LENGTH
Cylinder of wood LOG
Compensation for sitting? DOGTREAT
Lines in a circle RADII
Opera solo ARIA
Argentine first lady who inspired a musical EVITAPERON
Philadelphia’s Liberty ___ BELL
Evil spirit DEMON
See 14-Across ALTO
Drench SOAK
Like a sports car’s design SLEEK
Aspiring J.D.’s exam LSAT


Police alert, in brief APB
Cargo areas BAYS
New record? CLEANSLATE
One might tear up during a sappy ad SOFTIE
Like a worn-out tire BALD
___ Baba ALI
Rush to score before the final buzzer, say RACEAGAINSTTIME
Thorny plant BRIAR
Brainy SMART
Her bed was too soft for Goldilocks MAMABEAR
Microsoft Word’s features a W ICON
Combine MELD
Whirlpool EDDY
Slippery fish EEL
Brief snooze CATNAP
Firework sound BANG
Stinging insects WASPS
Congresswoman Omar ILHAN
Certain sacrifice in baseball BUNT
Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Sporty SPICEGIRLS
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Feeling that may inspire a teen’s poetry ANGST
Fiddle (with) TINKER
Direct messages? REALTALK
Get-together, informally SESH
“I’m walking away!” NODEAL
Requirements NEEDS
It’s pounded in court GAVEL
One of 200 in the Indy 500 LAP
Applies gently DABS
Cookie invented in Chelsea, NYC OREO
___ monster (type of lizard) GILA
Colonel or corporal RANK
Teeny bit IOTA
Pedicure target TOE
“___ now, I’m busy” NOT


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