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Universal Crossword Answers November 14, 2022

Author: by Lisa Senzel and Jeff Chen


Places for knapsacks BACKS
Picked hairstyle AFRO
End-of-week cry TGIF
Barely winning UPONE
Certain coffee maker’s sound DRIP
Sharpen WHET
Naturally spelled cereal brand? FRUITLOOPS
Minimum ___ WAGE
Arial, for one FONT
“Life of Pi” director Lee ANG
Defeated in chess MATED
Brand for a hopeful couple, perhaps EPT
Naturally spelled donut brand? CRISPYCREAM
Thingamabobs DOODADS
Word after “bathing” or “birthday” SUIT
Liquid cooking 58-Down OIL
Naturally spelled soft-serve brand? TASTYFREEZE
Same old, same old RUT
Sourdough unit LOAF
Thor or Captain America AVENGER
Effortless assimilation OSMOSIS
Naturally spelled powdered candy brand? PIXIESTICKS
Half of hex- TRI
Kick out of an apartment EVICT
“Howdy!” HEY
Name that sounds like a cheese BREE
Stallion’s gender MALE
Healthy eating store that could aptly carry 17-, 24-, 32- and 49-Across? WHOLEFOODS
Usually high cards ACES
“Democracy Dies in Darkness” paper, briefly WAPO
“Don’t worry ___ it” ABOUT
Tweeting site? NEST
Florida city that hosted the 2021 Super Bowl TAMPA


Polished and shined BUFFED
Work on a sweater KNIT
Good place to make a scene? SET
He died in Aphrodite’s arms ADONIS
Grown-up tadpoles FROGS
Put a tear in RIP
Photo- ___ (media events) OPS
Small beard that was big in the ’90s GOATEE
Ready to roll? INGEAR
“I’m hu-u-ungry!” FEEDME
Solid cooking 58-Down LARD
TV hosts MCS
2019 live-action film that critics pounced on CATS
Two fives, e.g., in poker PAIR
Stocking-up period? YULE
24 horas DIA
___-repeated OFT
Half of seis TRES
Glamping shelter YURT
Trees in a Eugene O’Neill title ELMS
Where to see everything from alligators to zebras ZOO
White House reception locale EASTROOM
Tarzan, notably APEMAN
Brisk and spirited, in scores VIVACE
Kicks out of a country EXILES
Most pleasant NICEST
___ the picture GET
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
___ terrier SKYE
Midday snooze SIESTA
Wishful phrase IHOPE
Tapioca pearls BOBA
Dot-com start-up? WWW
“As if!” HAH
Dense calorie source FAT


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