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Universal Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

Author: by Zachary David Levy


Nueve – uno OCHO
Loath (to) AVERSE
Mani-pedi site SPA
The old you? THOU
World’s largest cosmetics company LOREAL
Early internet giant AOL
Visual depiction of a watchful feathered friend in an enclosure IIHIAIWIKII
Seasonal ailment FLU
Stirring utensil SPOON
Lose control on a wet road SKID
Captain’s spot HELM
Disgusted interjection UGH
Be unfaithful to, romantically CHEATON
Visual depiction of a gobbling feathered friend in an enclosure IITIUIRIKIEIYII
Poetic tribute ODE
Criticize harshly SLAM
Spherical object ORB
City also nicknamed The Big Easy NOLA
Inputted data, e.g. TYPED
Feudal laborer SERF
Golfer nicknamed The Big Easy ELS
Make, as wages EARN
High toss LOB
Visual depiction of a talkative feathered friend in an enclosure IIPIAIRIRIOITII
Frozen, shaved treat SNOCONE
Pushup target, briefly PEC
Mean giant OGRE
Reputation, in slang CRED
Neighbor of China and India NEPAL
Negation word NOT
1996 film in which Robin Williams plays a drag club owner, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme THEBIRDCAGE
Shoe’s tip TOE
Naval engineer SEABEE
Property size unit ACRE
Strange ODD
Makes sense ADDSUP


Elevator manufacturer OTIS
Poker pot piece CHIP
Santa’s chuckle HOHO
Emphatic assent, in Saint-Etienne OUIOUI
Boxing legend Laila ALI
Promises VOWS
Explorer dubbed “the Red” ERIK
Second punt, say REKICK
Exchanged greetings SAIDHI
2012 Super Bowl MVP Manning ELI
Protective strap worn around the waist SAFETYBELT
Hoi ___ POLLOI
Graduate school graduates ALUMNI
Beef variety ANGUS
Crime scene strands HAIRS
Dagger handle HILT
Fair hiring inits. EEO
Particle such as Cl- ION
Answer at the altar IDO
Instantaneously traveled TELEPORTED
Bit of sunlight RAY
Bank of China Tower architect IMPEI
Wonderland adventurer ALICE
Corn serving EAR
Louis XIV ou Louis XVI ROI
Agent Dana Scully’s org. in “The X-Files” FBI
___ Paulo SAO
Ceaselessly NOEND
Sees right through ISONTO
On favorable terms (with) INGOOD
Made very slow progress INCHED
Scan again REREAD
Pole topper ICECAP
Recedes EBBS
French for “god” DIEU
Walk back and forth PACE
Taj Mahal’s city AGRA
Onionlike vegetable LEEK
PreCheck org. TSA
Gym unit REP


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