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Universal Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Now I know my ___ (preschool lyric) 4 letters ABCS
Wire fence features 5 letters BARBS
Silent performer 4 letters MIME
With 59-Across city near Stanford 4 letters PALO
It’s often set on Sunday night 5 letters ALARM
Got an A+ on 4 letters ACED
Dismissive send-off that’s from the movie Friday 10 letters BYEFELICIA
Icky bread growth 4 letters MOLD
Totally full 5 letters SATED
Catchy music slangily 8 letters EARCANDY
Zero 3 letters NIL
It’s often closed on Friday night 6 letters BARTAB
Insightful 4 letters WISE
Satchel 3 letters BAG
Name found in for Pete’s sake 5 letters TESSA
___ the President’s Men 3 letters ALL
StarKist fish 4 letters TUNA
Attach with a click 6 letters SNAPON
Friendly advice? 15 letters SHARINGISCARING
One of 1093 for Thomas Edison 6 letters PATENT
Twice-monthly tide type 4 letters NEAP
Prefix with gender 3 letters CIS
Move stealthily 5 letters SNEAK
ID given to many a U.S. newborn 3 letters SSN
So cool! 4 letters NEAT
Counterpart of width 6 letters LENGTH
Cylinder of wood 3 letters LOG
Compensation for sitting? 8 letters DOGTREAT
Lines in a circle 5 letters RADII
Opera solo 4 letters ARIA
Argentine first lady who inspired a musical 10 letters EVITAPERON
Philadelphia’s Liberty ___ 4 letters BELL
Evil spirit 5 letters DEMON
See 14-Across 4 letters ALTO
Drench 4 letters SOAK
Like a sports car’s design 5 letters SLEEK
Aspiring J.D.’s exam 4 letters LSAT
Police alert in brief 3 letters APB
Cargo areas 4 letters BAYS
New record? 10 letters CLEANSLATE
One might tear up during a sappy ad 6 letters SOFTIE
Like a worn-out tire 4 letters BALD
___ Baba 3 letters ALI
Rush to score before the final buzzer say 15 letters RACEAGAINSTTIME
Thorny plant 5 letters BRIAR
Brainy 5 letters SMART
Her bed was too soft for Goldilocks 8 letters MAMABEAR
Microsoft Word’s features a W 4 letters ICON
Combine 4 letters MELD
Whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
Slippery fish 3 letters EEL
Brief snooze 6 letters CATNAP
Firework sound 4 letters BANG
Stinging insects 5 letters WASPS
Congresswoman Omar 5 letters ILHAN
Certain sacrifice in baseball 4 letters BUNT
Baby Ginger Posh Scary and Sporty 10 letters SPICEGIRLS
Justice Sotomayor 5 letters SONIA
Feeling that may inspire a teen’s poetry 5 letters ANGST
Fiddle (with) 6 letters TINKER
CT or MRI 4 letters SCAN
Direct messages? 8 letters REALTALK
Get-together informally 4 letters SESH
I’m walking away! 6 letters NODEAL
Requirements 5 letters NEEDS
It’s pounded in court 5 letters GAVEL
One of 200 in the Indy 500 3 letters LAP
Applies gently 4 letters DABS
Cookie invented in Chelsea NYC 4 letters OREO
___ monster (type of lizard) 4 letters GILA
Colonel or corporal 4 letters RANK
Teeny bit 4 letters IOTA
Pedicure target 3 letters TOE
___ now I’m busy 3 letters NOT


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