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Universal Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Nueve – uno 4 letters OCHO
Loath (to) 6 letters AVERSE
Mani-pedi site 3 letters SPA
The old you? 4 letters THOU
World’s largest cosmetics company 6 letters LOREAL
Early internet giant 3 letters AOL
Visual depiction of a watchful feathered friend in an enclosure 11 letters IIHIAIWIKII
Seasonal ailment 3 letters FLU
Stirring utensil 5 letters SPOON
Lose control on a wet road 4 letters SKID
Captain’s spot 4 letters HELM
Disgusted interjection 3 letters UGH
Be unfaithful to romantically 7 letters CHEATON
Visual depiction of a gobbling feathered friend in an enclosure 15 letters IITIUIRIKIEIYII
Poetic tribute 3 letters ODE
Criticize harshly 4 letters SLAM
Spherical object 3 letters ORB
City also nicknamed The Big Easy 4 letters NOLA
Inputted data e.g. 5 letters TYPED
Feudal laborer 4 letters SERF
Golfer nicknamed The Big Easy 3 letters ELS
Make as wages 4 letters EARN
High toss 3 letters LOB
Visual depiction of a talkative feathered friend in an enclosure 15 letters IIPIAIRIRIOITII
Frozen shaved treat 7 letters SNOCONE
Pushup target briefly 3 letters PEC
Mean giant 4 letters OGRE
Reputation in slang 4 letters CRED
Neighbor of China and India 5 letters NEPAL
Negation word 3 letters NOT
1996 film in which Robin Williams plays a drag club owner and a hint to this puzzle’s theme 11 letters THEBIRDCAGE
Shoe’s tip 3 letters TOE
Naval engineer 6 letters SEABEE
Property size unit 4 letters ACRE
Strange 3 letters ODD
Makes sense 6 letters ADDSUP
Apex 4 letters PEAK
Elevator manufacturer 4 letters OTIS
Poker pot piece 4 letters CHIP
Santa’s chuckle 4 letters HOHO
Emphatic assent in Saint-Etienne 6 letters OUIOUI
Boxing legend Laila 3 letters ALI
Promises 4 letters VOWS
Explorer dubbed the Red 4 letters ERIK
Second punt say 6 letters REKICK
Exchanged greetings 6 letters SAIDHI
2012 Super Bowl MVP Manning 3 letters ELI
Protective strap worn around the waist 10 letters SAFETYBELT
Hoi ___ 6 letters POLLOI
Graduate school graduates 6 letters ALUMNI
Beef variety 5 letters ANGUS
Crime scene strands 5 letters HAIRS
Dagger handle 4 letters HILT
Fair hiring inits. 3 letters EEO
Particle such as Cl- 3 letters ION
Answer at the altar 3 letters IDO
Instantaneously traveled 10 letters TELEPORTED
Bit of sunlight 3 letters RAY
Bank of China Tower architect 5 letters IMPEI
Wonderland adventurer 5 letters ALICE
Corn serving 3 letters EAR
Leak 4 letters DRIP
Louis XIV ou Louis XVI 3 letters ROI
Agent Dana Scully’s org. in The X-Files 3 letters FBI
___ Paulo 3 letters SAO
Ceaselessly 5 letters NOEND
Sees right through 6 letters ISONTO
On favorable terms (with) 6 letters INGOOD
Made very slow progress 6 letters INCHED
Scan again 6 letters REREAD
Pole topper 6 letters ICECAP
Recedes 4 letters EBBS
French for god 4 letters DIEU
Walk back and forth 4 letters PACE
Taj Mahal’s city 4 letters AGRA
Onionlike vegetable 4 letters LEEK
PreCheck org. 3 letters TSA
Gym unit 3 letters REP

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