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USA Today Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Charge meant to reduce emissions 9 letters CARBONTAX
Arrogant person 4 letters SNOT
Tantric practice also known as milam 9 letters DREAMYOGA
Strong push 5 letters SHOVE
Ambitious zodiac sign 9 letters CAPRICORN
Vietnamese has six of them 5 letters TONES
Call off a mission 5 letters ABORT
Mauna ___ Hawaii’s highest point 3 letters KEA
Prevent from happening 5 letters AVERT
Address for a king 4 letters SIRE
Short-armed dinosaur for short 4 letters TREX
Past present or future 5 letters TENSE
Dig in! 3 letters EAT
___ Tome and Principe 3 letters SAO
Tribal knowledge keeper 5 letters ELDER
Monkey in the Old World family 6 letters BABOON
Secret agents 5 letters SPIES
Let a secret slip 13 letters SPILLTHEBEANS
Musician’s recording space 6 letters STUDIO
Event whose 2022 team captains were LeBron and KD (Abbr.) 6 letters NBAASG
Hair dryer output 3 letters AIR
Name that means life 4 letters VITO
Counterpart of thx 3 letters PLS
Agency whose T stands for Trade 3 letters FTC
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO
For what ___ worth . . . 3 letters ITS
Ewe’s comment 3 letters BAA
Reverberate 4 letters ECHO
Store selling sandwiches 4 letters DELI
Bis and ___ (arm muscles) 4 letters TRIS
Court sport dominated by Sharif Khan in the ’70s 14 letters HARDBALLSQUASH
Accompanies 7 letters ESCORTS
North America aka ___ Island 6 letters TURTLE
Name that means wanted 7 letters DESIREE
Gets the feeling 6 letters SENSES
Container stored in a tower 6 letters CDCASE
Saudi ___ 6 letters ARABIA
News show segment 6 letters REPORT
Ballet-inspired exercise 5 letters BARRE
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
The Big Apple for short 3 letters NYC
Became established 8 letters TOOKROOT
Feel the same 5 letters AGREE
Antianxiety drug 5 letters XANAX
Football throw named after a digging tool 10 letters SHOVELPASS
Closureless close to a story 9 letters NONENDING
Supervises 8 letters OVERSEES
Participants in a beta stage 7 letters TESTERS
Insignias used by governors 10 letters STATESEALS
Gossipy newspaper 7 letters TABLOID
Spittle 6 letters SALIVA
Auction action 3 letters BID
That’s terrible news! 4 letters OHNO
Omaha’s state (Abbr.) 3 letters NEB
Used a clip from someone else’s video on TikTok 8 letters STITCHED
Pay money for 8 letters PURCHASE
Martin Luther King Jr. and others 8 letters BAPTISTS
Out of harm’s way 4 letters SAFE
Thus far 6 letters TODATE
___-advised (unwise) 3 letters ILL
German sausages for short 5 letters BRATS
Supermarket section 5 letters AISLE
Fire pit waste 5 letters ASHES
Bipedal fantasy creatures 4 letters ORCS
What ___ is new? 4 letters ELSE
Rotate 4 letters TURN
To what ___ owe the pleasure? 3 letters DOI
I should have worn a scarf! 3 letters BRR
Spanish for what 3 letters QUE

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