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USA Today Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Annoying bug 4 letters PEST
Appropriate 3 letters APT
Work ___ 5 letters ETHIC
Party where food is often cooked in an imu 4 letters LUAU
50/50 test guess 4 letters WAHR
Bantu language with click consonants 5 letters XHOSA
Pieces of living room furniture that seat one person 9 letters ARMCHAIRS
Gently pull at 5 letters TUGON
Make a large quantity of food 12 letters COOKUPASTORM
Org. combating the climate crisis 3 letters EPA
Restaurant handout 4 letters MENU
Practices that are hard to break 6 letters HABITS
Music for Airports artist Brian 3 letters ENO
Feels sick 4 letters AILS
Drink in a tiny glass 4 letters SHOT
What someone yawning might need 3 letters NAP
Japanese term for the act of buying books and never reading them 8 letters TSUNDOKU
Inventor Nikola 5 letters TESLA
What plants that need watering do 5 letters DROOP
Sweetie pie 8 letters SNOOKUMS
That’s so gross! 3 letters EWW
Spot for a horseshoe 4 letters HOOF
Makes music like Tierra Whack 4 letters RAPS
Ravens’ org. 3 letters NFL
Canada’s capital 6 letters OTTAWA
The O’s in XOXO 4 letters HUGS
Get ___ of (throw out) 3 letters RID
Number puzzle with elements of kakuro 12 letters KILLERSUDOKU
Dwelling in the woods 5 letters CABIN
Storage space aid 9 letters ORGANIZER
Cake glaze 5 letters ICING
Understands 4 letters SEES
Flat-topped landform 4 letters MESA
Mails out 5 letters SENDS
Suffix for heir 3 letters ESS
Kiss in Britain 4 letters SNOG
Location 5 letters PLACE
Iceland’s continent 6 letters EUROPE
Like the fa’amatai system 6 letters SAMOAN
Conceal with a gaff e.g. 4 letters TUCK
Problem artist Grande 6 letters ARIANA
Trivial ___ (board game) 7 letters PURSUIT
Try out 4 letters TEST
Bonus 5 letters EXTRA
Nonverbal disapproval 10 letters THUMBSDOWN
Blanket ___ (person who steals the covers) 3 letters HOG
Prefix meaning equal 3 letters ISO
Is able to 3 letters CAN
Glue alternative 4 letters TAPE
Sing wordlessly 3 letters HUM
Yea I bet! 6 letters OHSURE
Breakfast chain 4 letters IHOP
TiK ___ (Kesha hit) 3 letters TOK
Rasmussen who was the first openly transgender mayor in the U.S. 3 letters STU
Totally unique 10 letters ONEOFAKIND
Acid 3 letters LSD
___ for (request) 3 letters ASK
Like mice but not mouse 6 letters PLURAL
Immediately! 3 letters NOW
Horn sound 4 letters TOOT
Reddit Q&A session 3 letters AMA
Work in Progress channel for short 3 letters SHO
Psych! 3 letters NOT
Orbs 7 letters SPHERES
Periods of high activity 6 letters SURGES
Disney movie with Anna and Elsa 6 letters FROZEN
In this way 6 letters LIKESO
Some pub appetizers 5 letters WINGS
Orgs. supporting LGBTQ students 4 letters GSAS
Light source 3 letters SUN
Hair protector 5 letters DURAG
Get defeated 4 letters LOSE
Makes less bright 4 letters DIMS
Not trans 3 letters CIS
Las Vegas basketball player 3 letters ACE
Trash icon 3 letters BIN


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