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USA Today Crossword Puzzle Answers January 19, 2024

Author: by Max Schlenker

TV watcher’s device REMOTE
Black road gunk TAR
Cul-de-___ SAC
Egg dish such as khai chiao OMELET
Rounded vase URN
Wonderment AWE
Some nonviolent demonstrations SITINS
First-year college student FRESHMAN
Actor Carell STEVE
Teeny amount IOTA
Memorial bio OBIT
Anti-aging vitamin used in eye creams RETINOL
Groups such as Delta Lambda Phi FRATS
Body parts with elbows ARMS
Chocolaty spread whose first syllable is pronounced “new,” not “nuh” NUTELLA
Gossip that’s “spilled” TEA
Make tweaks to EDIT
Classes students can sleep through and still pass EASYAS
Maker of Alpaca My Bags nail polish OPI
Consider again RETHINK
Busy ___ bee ASA
Contemporary MODERN
Steady ___ (comedian with a rhyming name) EDDY
Illegally fix RIG
Worthy of attention NOTABLE
Adobe Acrobat Reader files PDFS
Private teacher TUTOR
Punctures PIERCES
Egg-shaped OVAL
“Bidding is over!” SOLD
Housing contract LEASE
Tsunamayo maki, e.g. TUNAROLL
Band around a dog’s neck COLLAR
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Reply ___ (email function) ALL
Skin care brand with oat-based scrubs AVEENO
More, in Spanish MAS
Try to charm WOO
Parts of songs VERSES
“I’m Coming Out” singer Diana ROSS
Give off EMIT
Person writing parking tickets METERMAID
Kalamata fruits OLIVES
Foundational principle TENET
Some “Star Wars” beings (Abbr.) ETS
“Box” or “sea” reptile TURTLE
Vicinity AREA
Some ER workers RNS
Genre for Alcione Nazareth SAMBA
Anticipate AWAIT
“That’s just my two ___” CENTS
Jewish wedding dances HORAS
Many indigenous Alaskans INUIT
Use the tab key, say INDENT
Likely to cancel plans FLAKY
Teeny particle ATOM
Seized car, for short REPO
Opposite of a borrower LENDER
Margin of ___ ERROR
Events for bargain hunters YARDSALES
“Ha! You wish!” ASIF
Droops SAGS
Twiddled one’s thumbs IDLED
___ Holmes (sleuthing role for Millie Bobby Brown) ENOLA
NASA moon landing program APOLLO
Tool that removes vegetable skin PEELER
___ pole TOTEM
“That lil’ dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat,” per Cardi B UVULA
Completely fails TANKS
Piece of garlic CLOVE
Alone SOLO
Rational SANE
Greek god of love EROS
Like the beef in yukhoe RAW
Cleveland NBA player CAV


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