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USA Today – Jan 20 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Amazing!’ AWESOME
‘Consider sharing less!’ TMI
‘Fancy’ singer McEntire REBA
‘I need your assistance!’ HELPME
‘Mind your manners!’ BEHAVE
‘Omg too funny!’ LOL
‘Roja’ and ‘verde’ dips SALSAS
Astonished word WOW
Audition where anyone can try out OPENCALL
Back of a soccer goal NET
Be all things to all ___ PEOPLE
Bird-related AVIAN
Bit of public feedback for an app USERREVIEW
Business offering mineral baths SPA
Capital of Bangladesh DHAKA
Checked ‘yes’ to receive news and offers OPTEDIN
Chimps, for example APES
Confidentiality initials NDA
Country northeast of Albania KOSOVO
Dentist’s co-worker, for short RDA
Device that might be egg-shaped TIMER
Downward spiral TAILSPIN
Drag queen Ben___Creme DELA
First man in the Bible ADAM
Free lunch, for example PERK
Go well together MESH
Group with superyachts and megamansions ULTRARICH
Groups of collectibles SETS
Hazard RISK
Highest set of notes a singer can reach UPPERRANGE
Hulking D&D creature OGRE
Ice cream sandwich brand ITSIT
Ignited again RELIT
Letter after chi PSI
Like die-hard fans AVID
Loud noise DIN
Mailed out SENT
Manage to get OBTAIN
Mezcal plant AGAVE
Movie ticket part STUB
Name for a black-and-white cat OREO
Not joking SERIOUS
Olive product OIL
Out like a light ASLEEP
Parachute part CORD
Part of a desk chair ARM
Perform around the world TOUR
Person living with a terripoo DOGOWNER
Person on the runway MODEL
Place for some non-equine ‘horses’ SEA
Pool player Jeanette aka ‘the Black Widow’ LEE
Prefix meaning ‘earth’ GEO
Replay effect SLOMO
Reroute DIVERT
Rests before a night out NAPS
Say something PIPEUP
Simplicity EASE
Smooth transition SEGUE
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Soaks or sprays WETS
Some pizza eaters don’t eat theirs CRUSTS
Sought political office RAN
Swimmer’s slot LANE
The ___ Rinna M&M LISA
Thoroughbreds’ fathers SIRES
Totally fine AOK
Tug of ___ WAR
UCLA’s crosstown rival USC
Used mouthwash RINSED
Wear away ERODE
Wine barrels CASKS
Word followed by ‘mein’ or ‘fun’ CHOW
Workers who lead collective bargaining efforts UNIONREPS
Works into shape MOLDS
www.utep.___ EDU
___-of-the-moment SPUR


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