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USA Today – Jun 4 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
$1,000,000, for short MIL
‘Don’t I look like a ___ Berry poster?’ (Missy Elliott lyric) HALLE
‘Let’s do it!’ IMIN
‘NBA Today’ channel ESPN
‘Ohh’ ISEE
‘Postcolonial Love Poem’ author Diaz NATALIE
‘___ noted!’ DULY
‘___ Twist’ (Charles Dickens novel) OLIVER
Acceptances YESES
Aloe ___ VERA
Attempt anew REDO
Battery fluids ACIDS
Bert and ___ ERNIE
Blooper ___ REEL
Brewers hat BALLCAP
Capital of Texas AUSTIN
Celiac disease trigger GLUTEN
Cerumen EARWAX
Channel that aired ‘Arthur’ PBS
Church platform ALTAR
Contaminate TAINT
Country west of Pakistan IRAN
Cruella de ___ VIL
Cuisine with hummus and sfouf LEBANESE
Dog types BREEDS
Female sheep EWE
First name of two Spice Girls MEL
Formal outfit TUX
Give permission ALLOW
Grandmother’s nickname NANA
Grilled Italian sandwiches PANINIS
Home to Skyline Chili CINCINNATIOHIO
Horizontal line on a graph XAXIS
iPhone assistant SIRI
It’s a Philly thing JAWN
J. Jonah Jameson often smokes one CIGAR
Jenna Ortega’s ‘Scream’ character TARA
Jettas and Beetles VWS
Kilogram, for example UNIT
Large vase URN
Lightbulb stat WATTS
Like a wunderkind YOUNG
Like a wunderkind TALENTED
Name equivalent to John IAN
Nickname for Denise NIECY
Number in golf PAR
Organization in ‘Star Wars’ JEDIORDER
Period of inactivity LULL
Person born Oct. 20, for example LIBRA
Possess OWN
Projection in a rideshare app ETA
Rides in a toboggan SLEDS
Ringlet of hair CURL
Sales pitch SPIEL
Savings plan type IRA
Singapore or the Vatican CITYSTATE
Small salamander NEWT
Smiles GRINS
Something overseen by a proctor EXAM
Speak hoarsely RASP
Spicy condiment CHILIOIL
Stages of history ERAS
Stomach muscles ABS
Talk a lot GAB
The Devil SATAN
Time delay LAG
Time right before a deadline LASTMINUTE
Truck rental brand UHAUL
Unable to stop watching ENTRANCED
Unopened flower BUD
Vitamin C or E, for example ANTIOXIDANT
Waterproof sheet TARP
What kilograms measure MASS
White, wheat or ___ RYE
___ Dhabi ABU
___ shop (seller of wedding dresses) BRIDAL


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