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USA Today – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

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‘Believe it ___ . . .’ ORNOT
‘How terrible!’ OHNO
‘Killing Me Softly With ___ Song’ HIS
‘My turn!’ IMUP
‘OK, here’s how we’re going to play from now on . . .’ NEWRULE
‘Pressure’ singer Lennox ARI
‘What time ___?’ ISIT
‘Who ___ to disagree?’ AMI
‘You were perfect’ NONOTES
60-Across’ home SEA
Ability to withstand heat SPICETOLERANCE
Aftershave ingredient ALOE
Album contents MUSIC
Alternative to fries ONIONRINGS
Amounts of medicine DOSES
Arm muscle, for short TRI
Author’s alias PENNAME
Avoided assuming ASKED
Boston’s state, for short MASS
Castro and Lombard, in San Francisco (Abbr.) STS
Charged molecule ION
Common lunchtime NOON
Ctrl Alt ___ DEL
Degree held by MLK PHD
Distinctive smell ODOR
Equivalent of 3,600 seconds HOUR
Ey/em/___ pronouns EIR
Fantasy sports data STATS
Fawn’s mama DOE
Filming locations SETS
Finale END
Fourteen-line poems SONNETS
Gets an F on FAILS
Got ready to be photographed POSED
Hammerhead, for example SHARK
Home of yak butter tea TIBET
Hospital scan whose M stands for ‘magnetic’ MRI
Hulk’s hue GREEN
In direct confrontation NOSETONOSE
It causes Earth’s tides MOON
It comes down in flakes SNOW
It starts in March SPRING
Just in time NONETOOSOON
Like meeting your doppelganger EERIE
Luchador whose name means ‘mystic’ MISTICO
Marching insects ANTS
Material for some ladders ROPE
Norte’s opposite SUR
Not ‘for here’ TOGO
Not just any THE
Number on a birthday balloon AGE
Number worn by many hockey goalies ONE
One or the ___ OTHER
Opposite of meaner NICER
Pre-bloom flower BUD
Profession CAREER
Radiate EMIT
Release from a knot UNTIE
Seat for a resting hiker LOG
Shares feelings OPENSUP
Soup containers CANS
Soup sometimes served with jalapenos PHO
State whose highest point is Campbell Hill OHIO
Stopover on a multiday road trip INN
Temporarily FORNOW
The Greensboro sit-___ INS
There are two in ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ COMMAS
Triangular dress style ALINE
Trickery DECEIT
Triumph WIN
Unable to choose TORN
Volume-boosting devices AMPS
Word before ‘clock’ or ‘FireBall’ ATOMIC
___ cheese NACHO
___ counselor CAMP
___ pie (mashed potato-filled pastry) ALOO


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