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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Avenue tree ELM
Balm ingredient ALOE
Base group ARMY
Cain’s brother ABEL
Circus star ACROBAT
Close, as a port ICEIN
Different OTHER
Elite Navy group SEALS
Euro division CENT
Filmmaker Burns KEN
Forgo frugality SPEND
Genus subdivision SPECIES
Gift toppers BOWS
Goals ENDS
Half of humanity WOMEN
High home NEST
Hill builders ANTS
Horse halter REIN
Is responsible BEARSTHEBLAME
Japanese port OSAKA
Lamb’s mother EWE
Learning method ROTE
Long attack SIEGE
Man of morals AESOP
Maritime OCEANIC
Metal sources ORES
Mideastern fruit FIG
Moses of the track EDWIN
Namely TOWIT
Pay stub line NET
Rooney of “Carol” MARA
Sailing event REGATTA
School subject MATH
Script bit LINE
Seventh letter ETA
Simone’s season ETE
Snaky shape ESS
Snow house IGLOO
Spiders’ creations WEBS
Spill the beans TELL
Spotted cube DIE
Spring LEAP
Story with a point FABLE
They may clash EGOS
To boot ALSO
Unaccompanied ALONE
Western resort lake TAHOE
What’s more AND
With skill ABLY


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