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NetWord Crossword March 30, 2023

Author: by Steve Faiella


Ready to travel ABOARD
Family nickname PAPA
Selection for snapping SLR
Native American gathering POWWOW
Poetic green place ERIN
Common Korean surname LEE
Friction reducer BALLBEARING
Pac-12 school USC
Far from the usual EERIE
Roughly ORSO
Hangs back LAGS
Veggie sold in many colors BELLPEPPER
Indifference APATHY
Ran out LAPSED
Zebra cousin BURRO
Working by itself ONAUTO
Utility’s electronic option BILLPAYMENT
Accouter CLOTHE
Specialty area REALM
“Are we doing this?” ISITON
Fully lined (up) SYNCED
Cotton consumer BOLLWEEVIL
Users of crib sheets TOTS
Air France hub ORLY
Divided for motoring LANED
Drs. who deliver OBS
Barker from Britain BULLTERRIER
Mauna __ KEA
Cherie femme AMIE
Removable locks TOUPEE
Untidy area STY
Support for sailing MAST
Has the floor SPEAKS


Radioed advisory APB
Feathery accessory BOA
Night flier OWL
Carpenter’s tool AWL
Gown of a sort ROBE
Dire straits PERIL
Toon teen swimmer ARIEL
Immobilize PIN
Emma’s “Sense and Sensibility” director ANG
Impolite sounds SLURPS
Temporary holder LESSEE
Preserve in a log RECORD
Don’t merely seem ARE
Ill-wisher OPPONENT
Popular pup LAB
“Simpsons” shopkeeper APU
It’s on you GARB
By the book STRICTLY
Purple shade PLUM
Casual establishment EATERY
Go (for) OPT
“Pass” NAH
Call from a bridge AYE
Singular LONE
Crunchy munchie TACO
Ending like -ling LET
Interns, for instance MDS
Former name for Apple’s library app IBOOKS
Flavored ice SORBET
“And how!” ILLSAY
Showers of a sort SLEETS
Land near Liberty ELLIS
One working a lot VALET
Acct. addition INT
Hard candy DROP
Sound of impact BAM
Ethan Hawke ex UMA
Bemoan RUE
Tap term IPA
Squealy sound EEK
Bus. card letters RES


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