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USA Today Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Nov 10 2022

Clues Answers
‘Beloved’ protagonist SETHE
‘Call it a night,’ for one IDIOM
‘General Hospital’ actress Eddy SONYA
‘Is this thing on?’ HELLO
‘It all adds up now!’ AHA
‘Number one . . .’ FIRSTOFALL
‘Te ___’ (‘I love you’) AMO
‘To All the Boys’ actress Cathcart ANNA
‘You’ve Got Mail’ company AOL
‘___!!! on Ice’ (anime series) YURI
Airport takeoff stat (Abbr.) ETD
Ana de Armas’ country of birth CUBA
Architect Maya LIN
Assortment ARRAY
Battle with all one’s power FIGHTLIKEHELL
Boxer Laila ALI
Bread purchase LOAF
Call dibs on CLAIM
Chapel Hill school (Abbr.) UNC
Curved structure ARCH
Cut the lawn MOW
Direction opposite NNW SSE
Distinct period ERA
Drama class assignment SCENE
Dreidel, for one TOP
Drum sometimes played with brushes SNARE
Dudes who nurture succulents PLANTDADS
Entrance area FOYER
Event where ‘Know It Ales’ is an apt team name PUBTRIVIA
Farmland units ACRES
Feathery wrap BOA
Female deer DOE
Finales ENDS
Fly gloriously SOAR
Government-run mail agcy USPS
Hiker’s supports POLES
Inconsistent SPOTTY
Knee stabilizer, for short ACL
Clues Answers
Laptop port letters USB
Life force CHI
Light sources that might be made of paper LANTERNS
Like manchego but not paneer AGED
Make a choice OPT
Many gospel songs HYMNS
More outdated OLDER
Nail shaper FILE
No. 2 person in a kitchen SOUSCHEF
Obtain GET
Ooh and ___ AAH
Part of a traditional Japanese breakfast made with dashi stock MISOSOUP
Part of LGBTQ, for short TRANS
People with nonmainstream tastes HIPSTERS
Person, place or thing NOUN
Photo ___ (events with pics) OPS
Place to buy local seafood FISHMARKET
Prayer surfaces MATS
Pumpkin patch activity HAYRIDE
Road race units MILES
RPG with 20-sided dice, for short DND
Schleps HAULS
Share your name in ASL, for example FINGERSPELL
Shelter made of snow IGLOO
Small dish in Spain TAPA
Sour quality TANG
Stand-up comedian’s bit of improv RIFF
Summer roll wrapper RICEPAPER
Surprise win UPSET
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
Uber competitor LYFT
Unsettling EERIE
Walk like a model STRUT
Whole bunch SLEW
Words exchanged between brides IDO
Yes, in French OUI
[I’m a happy cat] PURR
___ Strauss Denim Co LEVI


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