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USA Today – Nov 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘. . . you get the idea’ ETC
‘Creed’ movie studio MGM
‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ star Michelle YEOH
‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’ writer-director Adamma EBO
‘However . . .’ BUT
‘idk its fine’ MEH
‘Just be ___!’ YOURSELF
‘One Piece’ manga artist Eiichiro ODA
‘The Marvelous ___ Maisel’ MRS
‘The ___’ (movie franchise that inspired ‘Cobra Kai’) KARATEKID
A single time ONCE
Alternate nickname to ‘Bobby’ ROB
Amazing bargain STEAL
Aussie term of address MATE
Benefit PERK
Biblical song PSALM
Big cat’s sound ROAR
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Black-and-white whales ORCAS
Bonus performance at a concert ENCORE
Boyfriend, quaintly BEAU
Caribbean, for one SEA
Characteristic TRAIT
City-building Catan resource ORE
Cow utterances MOOS
Data ___ (phone stat) USAGE
Decade parts (Abbr.) YRS
Depletes SAPS
Device at a concert AMP
Discreet ‘Hey, you’ PSST
Doorway, for example ENTRY
Fashion STYLE
Fire prevention ad, e.g PSA
Floral synonym for ‘pink’ ROSY
Garden tool HOE
Grand meal FEAST
Greek letter I’s IOTAS
Have a bowl of chicken adobo, for example EAT
Italy’s capital ROME
Like a stereotypical nerd DORKY
Lock opener KEY
Moves like a dreidel SPINS
Musical pace TEMPO
One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse WAR
Opposite of acidic BASIC
Paramore genre EMO
Peach centers PITS
Person doing some tagging FIRSTBASEMAN
Person doing some tagging GRAFFITIARTIST
Person doing some tagging RETAILWORKER
Physique, for short BOD
Place with shops MALL
Player who topples the Jenga tower LOSER
Prefix for ‘normal’ or ‘graph’ PARA
Put in order SORT
Relinquish CEDE
River, in Spanish RIO
School fundraising org PTA
Scientist’s workplace LAB
Seatbelt part STRAP
Secondary field of study MINOR
Shape FORM
Sleep phase REM
Stick around STAY
Strong smell ODOR
Tear RIP
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
The ‘S’ in GPS, for short SYS
They/___ pronouns THEM
Toe or finger DIGIT
Tunic or turtleneck TOP
Very uncommon RARE
Where errands are checked off TODOLIST
Women’s History Month (Abbr.) MAR
Writers at slams POETS
Yellowstone and Yosemite PARKS
___ opposites POLAR
___ Vegas LAS

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