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USA Today – Nov 19 2022 Crossword Answers

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‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘For what ___ worth . . .’ ITS
‘I should have worn a scarf!’ BRR
‘That’s terrible news!’ OHNO
‘To what ___ owe the pleasure?’ DOI
‘What ___ is new?’ ELSE
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
Accompanies ESCORTS
Address for a king SIRE
Agency whose T stands for Trade FTC
Ambitious zodiac sign CAPRICORN
Antianxiety drug XANAX
Arrogant person SNOT
Auction action BID
Ballet-inspired exercise BARRE
Became established Tookroot
Bipedal fantasy creatures ORCS
Bis and ___ (arm muscles) TRIS
Call off a mission ABORT
Charge meant to reduce emissions CARBONTAX
Closureless close to a story NONENDING
Container stored in a ‘tower’ CDCASE
Counterpart of ‘thx’ PLS
Court sport dominated by Sharif Khan in the ’70s HARDBALLSQUASH
Event whose 2022 team captains were LeBron and KD (Abbr.) NBAASG
Ewe’s comment BAA
Feel the same AGREE
Fire pit waste ASHES
Football throw named after a digging tool SHOVELPASS
German sausages, for short BRATS
Gets the feeling SENSES
Gossipy newspaper TABLOID
Hair dryer output AIR
Insignias used by governors STATESEALS
Leave out OMIT
Let a secret slip SPILLTHEBEANS
Martin Luther King Jr. and others BAPTISTS
Mauna ___, Hawaii’s highest point KEA
Monkey in the Old World family BABOON
Musician’s recording space STUDIO
Name that means ‘life’ VITO
Name that means ‘wanted’ DESIREE
News show segment REPORT
North America, aka ___ Island TURTLE
Omaha’s state (Abbr.) NEB
Out of harm’s way SAFE
Participants in a beta stage TESTERS
Past, present or future TENSE
Pay money for PURCHASE
Prevent from happening AVERT
Reverberate ECHO
Rotate TURN
Saudi ___ ARABIA
Secret agents SPIES
Short-armed dinosaur, for short TREX
Spanish for ‘what’ QUE
Spittle SALIVA
Store selling sandwiches DELI
Strong push SHOVE
Supermarket section AISLE
Supervises OVERSEES
Tantric practice also known as milam DREAMYOGA
The Big Apple, for short NYC
Thus far TODATE
Tribal knowledge keeper ELDER
Used a clip from someone else’s video on TikTok STITCHED
Vietnamese has six of them TONES
___ Tome and Principe SAO
___-advised (unwise) ILL


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