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Wall Street Journal – Nov 18 2022 – “Make a Run for It” Crossword Answers

Wall Street Journal – Nov 18 2022 – “Make a Run for It”

Clues Answers
“I just ___ that!” MAYDO
“See ya, old chap” TATA
42-Across preceder RHO
About ASTO
Airport gift shop buy? TACKYKNICKKNACK
Akron and Zanesville are there OHIO
Album with “Peg” and “Deacon Blues” AJA
Alert play under the basket TIPIN
Art form with small trees BONSAI
Be familiar with KNOW
Be without LACK
Big picture IMAX
Brzezinski of “Morning Joe” MIKA
Capital on the Atlantic ACCRA
Cave dweller BAT
Chilly treats ICES
Completed DONE
Cope with a slope SKI
Crafty SLICK
Dishwasher brand AMANA
Feel sore ACHE
Florida city, casually BOCA
General ___ chicken TSOS
Gospel great Winans CECE
Group in labor UNION
He might sell you a U SAJAK
High, in Honduras ALTA
Hose problems KINKS
Illegal payments in a Japanese playhouse? KABUKIKICKBACKS
Injure badly MAUL
Jockey’s concern PACE
La ___ Méditerranée MER
Like some courtroom arguments ORAL
Looking for cooking, say RHYME
Looking for, briefly ISO
Mallow family plant OKRA
Miami movie SCARFACE
Most college freshmen TEENS
Clues Answers
Musk, e.g CEO
Narrow stretch of land NECK
Noted 2012 bankruptcy KODAK
Old-fashioned rejection NAY
One of a Wi-Fi pair? LONGI
Opportunities SHOTS
Opposite of 5-Down AYE
Paddling person in an Illinois city? KANKAKEEKAYAKER
Piece of a company SHARE
Pirate hideaways ISLES
Plains tribe OMAHA
Plains tribe OSAGE
Popular perennial IRIS
Poses questions ASKS
Prominent Hawaiian KAHUNA
Quarterback Bernie KOSAR
Religious image IKON
Rink rotation AXEL
Saline septet SEAS
Sanction OKAY
Santa ___ winds ANA
Silica stone OPAL
Slight suspicions INKLINGS
Small stand outside an experimental lab? SKUNKWORKSKIOSK
Sort of ABIT
Sound before a blessing ACHOO
Spud’s buds EYES
Steamed state IRE
Subterranean finds ORES
Symbol of stock volatility SIGMA
Take on HIRE
Type ILK
Vacuum brand ORECK
Valuable, maybe RARE
Where “thank you” is “gamsahamnida” KOREA
Where mayo may be held DELI
Wild way to run AMOK
Worth many retellings EPIC
___ accompli FAIT

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