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Best Daily American Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Best Daily American Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Jerk 5 letters SCHMO
Poison-bearing tree 4 letters UPAS
Smelting residue 4 letters SLAG
Actor Delon 5 letters ALAIN
Arizona Indian 4 letters PIMA
Veggie meal ingredient 4 letters TOFU
19th century British prime minister 10 letters PALMERSTON
Learning method 4 letters ROTE
Darling 10 letters SWEETHEART
Island guitars 4 letters UKES
Taunt 4 letters TWIT
Commands 6 letters ORDERS
Director’s order 6 letters ACTION
Laundered 6 letters WASHED
French cop 4 letters FLIC
Norway’s patron saint 4 letters OLAF
Yale of Yale University 5 letters ELIHU
Velvet finish 3 letters EEN
Keep apart 7 letters ISOLATE
__ sequitur 3 letters NON
No longer asleep 5 letters WOKEN
Exceedingly 4 letters VERY
Egyptian Christian 4 letters COPT
Results 6 letters ENSUES
Part of the Malay Archipelago 6 letters BORNEO
Dolly of country music 6 letters PARTON
Western card game 4 letters FARO
Rustic 4 letters RUBE
Leading court figure 10 letters LEGALEAGLE
European border river 4 letters ODER
Rapture 10 letters EXALTATION
Longest river in Africa 4 letters NILE
Rushed 4 letters SPED
Smutty 5 letters DIRTY
Winner’s award 4 letters GOLD
On one’s own 4 letters SOLO
Chip dip 5 letters SALSA
Suckers 4 letters SAPS
Crab part 4 letters CLAW
Robust 4 letters HALE
Imitative 7 letters MIMETIC
Ring combo 6 letters ONETWO
Tip over 5 letters UPSET
Pocket bread 4 letters PITA
Latin love 4 letters AMOR
Brazilian seaport 6 letters SANTOS
Viennese pastry 7 letters STRUDEL
Visited 10 letters LOOKEDINON
Subsequently 5 letters AFTER
Conjecture 5 letters GUESS
Zoo beasts 6 letters RHINOS
Syngman of Korea 4 letters RHEE
Not many 4 letters AFEW
Jazz singer Laine 4 letters CLEO
Peter Pan fairy 10 letters TINKERBELL
Charles’s principality 5 letters WALES
Many miles off 4 letters AFAR
Hold dear 4 letters LOVE
Comedian Bob 4 letters HOPE
Do __ others … 4 letters UNTO
__ many words 4 letters INSO
Romeo and Juliet character 6 letters TYBALT
Put in 7 letters ENTERED
Its capital is Zagreb 7 letters CROATIA
Save 6 letters UNLESS
Mountain nymphs 6 letters OREADS
Projecting part 5 letters PRONG
Sound 5 letters AUDIO
Golfer Nick 5 letters FALDO
Big showcase 4 letters EXPO
Highlander 4 letters GAEL
Young lady 4 letters GIRL
They’re drawn to decide 4 letters LOTS
Orinoco Flow singer 4 letters ENYA


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