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Code Letter Crossword Answers January 18, 2023

Crossword: by Mark McClain


Complain unreasonably CARP
Baking appliance OVEN
Clean deeply SCOUR
Woodwind instrument OBOE
City near Tahoe RENO
Yellowish brown TAWNY
Stuffed doughy bits in stews DUMPLINGS
Bert’s “Sesame Street” pal ERNIE
Approximate landing hr. ETA
“__ welcome” YOURE
Homes in trees NESTS
Nail salon tool FILE
Chop into cubes DICE
Dog or wolf CANINE
Nutty white candy DIVINITY
Rubber gasket ORING
Elongated circle OVAL
Onetime Chinese leader MAO
Jab gently POKE
Actress Mirren or Hunt HELEN
Sundown time DUSK
Overly moody, for short EMO
Cover with asphalt PAVE
Social stratum CASTE
Breakfast pastries DANISHES
Placed in order SORTED
Printer ink color CYAN
Indefinite time period SPAN
Playful trick ANTIC
Set of principles ETHIC
Tire pressure abbr. PSI
Instruct TEACH
Deep-fried sweet rings DOUGHNUTS
Syrup source MAPLE
Golden Rule word UNTO
“My turn!” IMUP
High-spirited horse STEED
Annoying person PEST
Well-mannered woman LADY


Message from a spy CODE
Share a border with ABUT
Capital of Italia ROMA
Get-up-and-go PEP
Baltimore ballplayer ORIOLE
Event site VENUE
Many an MIT grad ENGR
Sudden drop NOSEDIVE
Sign-lettering aid STENCIL
Swerve wildly CAREEN
Has the deed to OWNS
Textbook chapter UNIT
Sandwich breads RYES
Telling falsehoods LYING
“OK with me” FINE
Lendl of tennis IVAN
Dealt with adversity COPED
Pleasing scent AROMA
Japanese camera brand NIKON
Gives (out) DOLES
“Gotta do it” IMUST
Fashion sense TASTE
Connected like oxen YOKED
Made equitable EVENEDUP
“Oh, rats!” DARN
Highly motivated PSYCHED
High school team leader COACH
Winter roof hanging ICICLE
Water faucet SPIGOT
Closes tightly SHUTS
S&L conveniences ATMS
In good order NEAT
First-aid roll TAPE
Musical sound TONE
Mountain lion PUMA
Small earring STUD
Road trip game ISPY
Zero NIL


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