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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Crossword: by Billie Truitt


__ yet (so far) ASOF
What a scarf covers NECK
Waterproof coverings TARPS
Number of singers in a quartet FOUR
Metal in barbells IRON
Stage production with sopranos OPERA
Wine region of Italy ASTI
“This is your last chance” NOWORNEVER
Garden area for thorny flowers ROSEBED
Satchel or pocketbook BAG
Glide on snow SKI
Short letter NOTE
Pecan or cashew NUT
Start of some three-day weekends FRIDAY
Purring pet with stripes TIGERCAT
Spinning part of a helicopter ROTOR
No longer there GONE
Try to persuade (to) URGE
Unpleasant aroma ODOR
Butcher’s wares MEATS
Be worthy of EARN
__-control (willpower) SELF
In addition ALSO
Lavished attention (on) DOTED
Chore agenda TODOLIST
New staffers HIREES
Snakelike fish EEL
“It disappeared!” sound POOF
Needless fuss ADO
“Give __ break!” MEA
Organize neatly ARRANGE
Approximately MOREORLESS
Be in first place LEAD
Large shrimp PRAWN
St. __ (Tampa neighbor, for short) PETE
“Transmit email” button SEND
Reduced-price events SALES
Salty bodies of waters SEAS
Feeling tense EDGY


Remote distance to “worship from” AFAR
Just adequate SOSO
Ins and __ (important details) OUTS
Sentry’s question FRIENDORFOE
Fourscore and ten NINETY
Eat away at ERODE
Mammal that moos COW
Dresser-drawer handle KNOB
__-in-cheek (insincere) TONGUE
Gorilla or chimp APE
Races, as an engine REVS
Nursery school, for short PREK
Dress of India SARI
Mountain chains RANGES
Male pig BOAR
Two-choice test format TRUEORFALSE
Icy outdoor coating FROST
Wild West show RODEO
“__ you so!” ITOLD
Bread that’s been browned TOAST
Look __ (investigate) INTO
Wooden shipping box CRATE
Feel the same way AGREE
Is inclined (to) TENDS
Hairdo-holding products GELS
Person sending a letter MAILER
Fashion designer Christian DIOR
Sour fruits LEMONS
Carvings on a carousel HORSES
Spaghetti or ravioli PASTA
Sound-boosting boxes AMPS
Explorer of kids’ TV DORA
Of the mouth ORAL
Swiss peaks ALPS
Have to have NEED
Band of outlaws GANG
Swirling current EDDY
Female sheep EWE
Wide shoe width EEE


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