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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 06, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Actor ____ Dillon Matt
Land unit Acre
____ beef Roast
Furthermore Also
Mets’ home Shea
Wrathful Irate
Take back Repossess
Nobleman Baron
19th letter Ess
Grouchy Testy
Related Told
Duplicate Ditto
Certain steaks (hyph.) Tbones
Smudges Smears
More unusual Rarer
Small wagon Cart
Kindled again Relit
Winter ailment Flu
Agreeable Amiable
Wolfgang ____ Mozart Amadeus
Actress ____ West Mae
Carnival attractions Rides
Yearning Urge
Singer Paul ____ Simon
Uncorked Opened
Trinidad and ____ Tobago
Jacket part Lapel
Jungle animals Apes
Lustrous fabric Satin
Lamb’s lament Baa
Light bender Prism
Temporary Transient
Enthusiastic Eager
Eye suggestively Ogle
Divorce city Reno
Loses fur Sheds
Unwanted plant Weed
Mushroom part Stem


Stable female Mare
Tavern drinks Ales
Recipe units (abbr.) Tsps
Excessively Too
Desirable qualities Assets
Trunk Chest
Renovate Restore
Not difficult Easy
Tease Rib
Speech-maker Orator
Baseball great Hank ____ Aaron
Pilfered Stole
Cares for Tends
Recipe direction Stir
Information Data
Physically fit Trim
Phi ____ Kappa Beta
Sting Scam
Papa’s spouse Mama
Pennsylvania port Erie
Exclamation of woe Alas
Make over Redo
Feathery plant Fern
Racing sled Luge
Not new Used
Military prison Brig
VIP’s car Limo
Fencing event Duel
Make bigger Enlarge
Talked back Sassed
Stated a point of view Opined
Animal enclosures Pens
Cassettes Tapes
TV’s ____ Winfrey Oprah
Ecru Beige
Dickens title beginning (2 wds.) Atale
Store away Stow
Red vegetable Beet
English princess Anne
Energy source Atom
“____ Doubtfire” Mrs
Tax org. Irs


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