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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 05, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Trio number Three
Uninteresting Blah
Bullring shouts Oles
Stash Hoard
Honolulu’s island Oahu
Clue Hint
Not discriminating Uncritical
Medicine quantity Dose
Golly! Gee
Chore Task
Broad roadway Avenue
Stack Pile
Painter’s stand Easel
Walk cautiously Tiptoe
Evaluators Raters
Atlantic or Pacific Ocean
Toil Labor
That girl Her
Williams and Kennedy Teds
West Pointer Cadet
Humorist ____ Barry Dave
Poetic “before” Ere
Mothers Mamas
Televised Aired
Hidden gunman Sniper
Tension Stress
Subsequently Later
Hay place Loft
Consents Agrees
Painter Salvador ____ Dali
Horned viper Asp
Air ____ Raid
Not functioning Inoperable
Small bottle Vial
Heredity carrier Gene
Divided Split
Green Gables girl Anne
Shoe part Heel
Abounds Teems


Hooligan Thug
Whetstone Hone
Speed contest Race
Make a boo-boo Err
Newspaper issue Edition
Idaho’s capital Boise
Deficiency Lack
Cry of surprise Aha
Maui dance Hula
Distress cry (2 wds.) Ohdear
Largest portion (2 wds.) Lionsshare
Come afterward Ensue
Hard metal Steel
Fable Tale
Change direction Veer
School gps. Ptas
Shopping bag Tote
Cake decorator Icer
Walker Pedestrian
Speed trap device Radar
Lincoln, et al. Abes
Wee one Tot
Limping Lame
Preceding nights Eves
Cincinnati team Reds
Lid Cap
Grime Dirt
Mud Mire
Initially (2 wds.) Atfirst
Sewing item Needle
Foot bottom Sole
Young insect Larva
One more time Again
Coat part Lapel
Sorrowful sound Sigh
Accomplished Done
Competent Able
Slender Slim
Household animals Pets
Maiden name indicator Nee
Mimic Ape


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