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Crossword Champ Daily November 1 2022 Answers:

Crossword Champ Daily November 1 2022 Answers:

Metric measures (abbr) HLS
Dish of leftovers HASH
Goddess of the moon LUNA
High-tech printer capability (go over hastily) SCAN
Linesman REF
Call it a night RETIRE
Marshall Plan agcy ECA
(Automaker company) FORD
Reveal true feelings LETON
(Wooly-haired animal of the camel family) LLAMA
Widths of wide shoes EES
Mosaic tile TESSERAE
Crumbs ORTS
Nasdaq competitor NYSE
___tion where stuff is sold to the highest bidder AUC
Prefix with system ECO
Guarded LEERY
Scottish weather SNA
Thick black liquid used in road making TAR
Mgr’s helpers ASSTS
Capital near Bangkok HANOI
Least expected ODDEST
Beaver’s work DAM
___ group in organic chemistry ACETYL
Dir on a map SSE
Soft & ___ (Dial brand) DRI
Out of the realm of real INSANE
Skagens Odde eg CAPE
Iranian language PASHTO
Change from a gas or vapor to a liquid CONDENSE
Middle man in the NFL CTR
Morsel of food ORT
Most destitute NEEDIEST
Prince to a king SON
Fleischer and others ARIS
Medit republic ISR
Ship to the captain SHE
One may undergo surgery TREE
Juicer SOT
Cummerbund SASH
Rds with numbers RTES
No place in particular ANYWHERE
Aware of slangily WISETO
Fourth-row Battleship position DTEN
Big Bertha’s birthplace ESSEN
On as a lamp LIT
You in Montreal TOI
Drink TOPE
Presentation type ORAL
1/60 of a min SEC
Vena ___ (passage to the heart) CAVA
Unwavering SOLID
Daffy Duck speech impediment LISP
Questioning words after who or what ISIT
Fast PC connections DSLS
Black and white cookies OREOS
Bernardo’s bear OSO
Nautical consent AYE
Orangey tuber YAM
No of People say ISS
No longer stylish PASSE
Vintner’s barrel VAT
The S in 25D SIL
___ John (Singer-songwriter) ELTON
Latin love word AMO
Pieces chunks (abbr) PTS


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