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Crossword Champ Premium November 1 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 1 2022 Answers:

Toddlers or youngsters KIDS
Lowest of four decks ORLOP
Muscat’s land OMAN
Back in the day ONCE
Oklahoma Indian OSAGE
Cousin of a cobra MAMBA
Goddess who saved Odysseus INO
Old pay-to-graze arrangement AGIST
Obama cabinet member Duncan ARNE
Super Mario Bros console for short NES
Carol starter ADESTE
Penned WROTE
Recharge one’s batteries RESTUP
Saxony seaport EMDEN
Marketplace RIALTO
Cretan peak: Abbr MTIDA
Guesser’s words ORSO
Announce DECLARE
Kind of joint TEE
Giant in lightweight metals ALCOA
MS readers at Ms eg EDS
Babe and Baby RUTHS
___plane AERO
(Abrasive mineral) EMERY
Easy-peasy ASNAP
Exploits GESTS
Post a gain EARN
Wrote a lyric poem ODED
___ majeste LESE
One venerated for wisdom SAGE
Angler’s gadget LURE
Ventilated AIRED
Abner’s partner on old radio LUM
Glided along SLID
‘___ Said” (Neil Diamond hit) IAMI
Buds in Bordeaux AMIS
Drive out ROUST
Hydrogen and carbon dioxide GASES
Campers for short RVS
Actress Campbell NEVE
Lubricate OIL
Literary monogram GBS
Entr’___ ACTE
Informal move RELO
Fish star Vigoda ABE
Terza ___ (verse form) RIMA
First Maverick to have his jersey retired- it was #15- ___ Davis BRAD
Titled NAMED
Love of fine art objects VIRTU
Soft sheep leather NAPA
Take the blame EATDIRT
Numbered day of the month DATE
Future raisin GRAPE
France to Caesar GAUL
Revolutions per minute RPMS
Playground rejoinder AMSO
Software program briefly APP
Till mfr NCR
___ny: remote territory COLO
Big win ROMP
Jai alai player’s need CESTA
(Christian symbol: ___s) CROS
PC hard drive connection standard EIDE
Distinguished politician STATESMAN
Czar’s parliament DUMA
Lost actor Daniel ___ Kim DAE
Also AND
Religious ceremony RITE
Fervors ZEALS
Grey of westerns ZANE
School near Slough ETON
Unguent BALM
Belgian songwriter Jacques BREL
Harem room ODA
Actress Nelligan KATE
Physicist Niels BOHR
Central Sicilian province ENNA
Kind of cycle SLEEP
___ Rider EASY


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