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Crossword Champ Pro November 1 2022 Answer

Crossword Champ Pro November 1 2022 Answers:

___ d’agneau (lamb dish) RIS
Cleaves RENDS
Aim purpose INTENTION
Show on the face of it SEEM
Fourteen pounds in London STONE
Horror movie villains SLASHERS
Gumshoe TEC
Subject of the 1999 biography subtitled The Little Giant of Baseball OTT
Yuletide NOEL
Make lovable ENDEAR
Oz creator BAUM
Wiretap BUG
Bowie’s last stand ALAMO
To the point that UNTIL
Kind of finish MATTE
Handwriting-on-the-wall word MENE
Architect ___ van der Rohe MIES
Allow to be known LETON
Arm bone ULNA
Part of APR RATE
UN agency to promote trade reduce duties GATT
Swellings EDEMAS
Net-nicking serve LET
Some HS math TRIG
Cambridge univ MIT
Hyphenated ID SSN
Hedda Gabler character THEA
State (Fr) ETAT
Characteristics to be considered ASPECTS
Ring of color AREOLE
Bird sounds TWEETS
Hamburger chain that offers the Baconator WENDYS
___ Tin Tin RIN
Each Dawn ___ (Cagney film) IDIE
Having five sharps INB
1988 remake directed by the creators of Max Headroom DOA
Genre for the Beastie Boys and Nicki Minaj RAP
Irritates greatly GALLS
Memorize lines for a Shakespearean king? LEARNLEAR
Marshaled LED
Curve of a ship’s plank SNY
High ___ NOON
Ending for farm or home STEAD
Miners’ entrance ADIT
Tactful person DIPLOMAT
Has attachment? BEEN
Music groups BANDS
Argyle for one SOCK
401 Roman CDI
The Beatles’ Madonna eg LADY
____ Kippur YOM
Watered-silk materials MOIRES
Generous diner TIPPER
Somewhat to Salieri POCO
Debacle FIASCO
__ mignon FILET
Boadicea’s people ICENI
Oise tributary AISNE
1944 battle site STLO
Org whose annual budget is classified information NSA
The merry widow in The Merry Widow SONIA
Oodles 2 wds ATON
Vous êtes ___ (label on a French map) ICI
Gavilan or gloves KID
Action from a springboard DIVE
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
As a result ERGO
___-majeste (high treason) LESE
Auricle EAR
West Side Story performer hiding a Roman god RITAMORENO
Small songbird WREN
One ____ time (2 wds) ATA
Sicilian resort ENNA
Lloyd Webber musical EVITA
Increase GAIN
Feature of stadium seating TIER
Lay into SETAT
Are you a man ___ mouse? ORA


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